8 Tips To Consider When You Choose Custom Magento Theme

Choose Custom Magento Theme

Choose Custom Magento ThemeWhen you plan developing an eStore, the first name that comes to your mind when choosing the relevant platform is Magento! It is an increasingly popular platform that deals with web store development. Most of the shopping cart systems in the present times are developed using Magento as a platform. It is not just about developing a fully functional store but also ensuring search engine popularity and getting customizable designs that make Magento the popular platform of the current times.

When you have chosen Magento as the platform to develop your website, you need to proceed ahead with the next steps. The very next step involves generating the right domain name and choosing the right hosting for your site. They are both important steps as hosting improves the loading speed and time of your website and makes sure that your website is secure and the data well supported to be driven on the browser. Domain name should be such that it is searchable and relatable with the category of your eStore.

Now that your website is hosted and the domain name chosen, your next step involves choosing the theme for your Magento website. Themes generate the visual appeal as well as the search ranking for your website. You need to choose a theme that will generate good user experience and also improve the search engine rankings. Make sure you invest good amount of time choosing the right theme for your Magento site. Here are a few tips that would assist you in choosing the right theme for your Magento website.

1. Visually Appealing Theme

Your Magento stores should be visually attractive. Any web design, when it appears appealing and attractive, it generates enough curiosity among the consumers, which converts to visits. Also, when the consumer clicks on your website, the first impression that the consumer gains about your site is also from the visual appearance that your site has.

So ideally your store should be visually compelling enough to cast a good magic on your consumers and visitors. So, choose a theme that looks good and create a visual magic. Remember first impression is also the last impression. So, don’t miss out on this chance and choose a visually fantastic theme.

2. Color Combination

Who says color palettes have no importance in the modern times? No one really said that! Color combination is a very important factor for your website. Stores run on the kind of visual appeal and excitement they provide to the visitors. Remember why you wanted to buy that make up deal from a particular beauty website? Because they had chosen colors that suited their store theme!

Colors not only enhance the visual appeal of your website but also provide your website with a kind of image that is necessary for any store. Remember eBay? You recognize the brand because of the colors they use. So, use unique colors that match the theme of your store and enhance its image.

3. Customizable Themes

Magento is known to be a platform that is customizable and can be converted as per the customer requirements. If you are planning to develop your web-shop using Magento, your theme should be such that you can customize the theme to match the requirements of your store.

There is always potential for growth and changes when you are dealing with eStore. You should be able to get in those changes whenever you need and expansion should also be possible with the themes. Choose a theme that makes allowance for customization.

4. Upgrades are Possible

When you are installing a Magento theme, make sure the supplier who is offering you the theme, has made enough allowances for support and upgrades. You should be able to upgrade the version of your Magento website at regular intervals to match the latest in the market.

Also make sure you check for the theme template and understand if it were properly coded. Some themes come with inherent bugs. Choosing them would lead to lowering performance of your website. Consider upgrades, hidden links and inherent bugs as points to consider before choosing a particular theme. Backend support is also a must with Magento themes.

5. Check for Ad Spaces

If you wish to improve your business, you need to market your business well. Check if your theme supports ad and banner spaces. Yes, if you want to attract more people, you should place ads and promote your business on your website. Developing attractive banners and sliders is important for any web store. If you are choosing a theme, make sure it has enough space for you to carry out promotional activities.

6. Appears Trendy

Your eCommerce website should appear trendy and contemporary to the consumers for them to get attracted and visit your site. Check out for themes that can showcase the variety of products you have while attracting the audiences from various categories.

Make sure your theme matches the kind of store you are building and matches the trend of the category. If the theme is trendy and gives out wide range of features, attracting audiences would be easy.

7. Browser Compatibility

Today, with the world growing technologically, there is not a single browser or device on which consumers tend to run a URL. Your consumer would be accessing your store using a tablet, a mobile or probably a desktop.

There are multiple browsers that users tend to prefer. You should ensure that the theme you are planning to use to develop your eStore runs on all the possible browsers. This way you will be able to reach more audiences.

8. Search Engine Friendly Design

This is not really the last point to be considered when choosing a theme. Yes, when you are choosing a theme for your Magento website, make sure the theme is inclined towards SEO. If your website’s rankings are not great then it won’t attract anyone and this would reduce the traffic to your website. Many themes come with embedded SEO features. This would be helpful to your eStore. Find such themes and use them to build your store.

Make sure you consider all points before choosing the theme for your Magento store. It is very important that your theme is visually appealing and search engine friendly.

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