9 Tips for Increasing the Speed of Your Magento Website

Magento Site Speed Load

Magento Site Speed LoadIn the current day and age people do not have time to wait. The reason why the Internet is so popular is because it is fast and convenient. Online shopping is booming because people love the fact that they can turn on their computer or mobile device and within a few minutes they can purchase whatever they were looking for.

However, a lot of businesses are making a massive mistake, and this error is the fact that their websites are taking far too long to load. If people have to wait then they are simply going to go elsewhere. This means that you will lose a potential customer to one of your competitors, which is obviously what nobody wants. Many people take for granted just how crucial this is but a lengthy load time is one of the main reasons for a high bounce rate on websites.

If this is something you are currently falling victim to then you obviously need to know how to fix the problem. Here are some top tips for increasing the speed of your Magento website…

  1. If your website boasts many products then it is recommended to go down the route of flat catalogue enabling. Essentially this allows you to create a simple version of the catalogue. This is essential for both product data and store customer data.
  2. You should also try not to use too many various external sources for images and alike. The reason for this is because that each DNS lookup will result in added time because you have generated an extra dependency.
  3. You should make sure that you add expires header to your resources. What are these? Essentially it presents you with the opportunity to store certain sections of your web page in the cache. This in turn means that your browser will run a lot faster.
  4. You can also make your site faster by tweaking your robots.txt. This is extremely beneficial if you have a popular website which is also heavily crawled by search engines.
  5. Whenever there is a Magento upgrade available, make sure you take advantage of it immediately. Of course you will get to benefit from added features and alike. However, every upgrade translates to a boost in performance as well.
  6. In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, you must recognize that errors slow down browsers and thus being WSC compliant can really help speed up your website.
  7. It is essential to make sure that you compress the output that comes from your server. This will increase the speed if you use output compression prior to it being sent out over the network.
  8. It is also recommended that you disable entity tags. The function of these is to match cached components. However, if you disable this function then you page will run a lot faster. The reason for this is because the quantity of bandwidth needed and time for server to load will be diminished.
  9. A final tip is to make use of multiple frontend servers when it comes to handling the checkout and browsing as well.
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