How to Customize the Product Info Tabs in Magento 2


The focus of the online business is the customer satisfaction that comes with the proper details provided about the products and services offered by the companies. This is the primary way of running the E-Commerce store in a correct manner. The descriptive information of products helps the consumers to decide to buy a particular product or not.

The Product Info tabs do this task in a very easy and smart way as it breaks the long contents into the small chunks that are accessible to the consumers. The product tab used in the Magento allows quick navigation through the sites and does not affect the website SEO too.  The Product info navigation tab displays the proper data and the product information. In Magento 2, following tabs represent the product page.

  • Details Tab: It provides the description of the products
  • More Information Tab: This tab stores the information about the product value and attribute
  • Reviews Tab: This section has the information or testimonials by the consumers

The E-Commerce businesses can easily customize the ‘Product Info’ tabs but the companies have to see that which layout files or the templates they want to customize. For this, one can take the services from the professional Magento development company or hire Magento developer who has good experience with the customization process in Magento 2.

Significant Ways to Add Customized Product Info Tabs

The E-Commerce service providers can add customizations to the product info tabs. Some of the important ways are:

1. Renaming of the ‘Product Tabs’

To set the different title for the tabs on the product page the developer needs to override the ‘base layout file’ that is present in the directory “vendor/module_catalog.” In the Magento 2, the developer can create a newer layout file with the same name that is present in the theme as a base file. The renaming of the product is done by using the following code

< argument name= “title” translate= “true” xsi: type= “string”>.

2. Removal and Addition of the Custom Product Tab

For eliminating the product tab in the Magento 2, the developer has to target the reference blocks to get rid of the product attributes. After this, the developers can add the custom tab in the ‘Product Info’ tab like adding some particular attributes like the content, product details etc. Let us see how the addition of the customized tab works by taking an example of the ‘product packaging’:

  • Adding the attribute ‘packaging’ to the ‘default’ attributes set
  • Now, the developers will create a newer template file and name the file ‘packaging-content.phtml
  • Then, save this file to the ‘app/design/frontend/<Vendor>/<Theme>/Magento_Catalog/templates/product/view/
  • After this, place the code ‘catalog_product_view.xml’ in the layout file folder

3. Addition of the Attributes to the Product Info Tab

The E-Commerce companies can take the services from the professionals of the Magento development company for adding the attributes in the ‘Product Info’ tab through these ways:

  • Switching to the dashboard of the ‘Magento Store
  • Under the ‘Attributes’ section, tab on the ‘Products’ and Navigate into the ‘Stores’ section
  • Now, click on the “Add New Attribute” button
  • The developer must state the “Default Label” for the attributes in the product info tab
  • After this, move to the ‘Advanced Attributes Properties’ tab and then the select option of the ‘Attribute Code’. Here the code can also be created based on the ‘Default Label’.
  • Now, the developer must ‘Save’ the attribute

4. Addition of the Relative Products to the Navigation Tab in Magento 2

The E-Commerce based online stores can hire Magento developer for changing the layout and template file by adding the products to the Navigation tab. Here, the template file will be changed with only one-line code that is <?php echo $this -> getBlockHtml (‘catalog.product.related’); ?> and name it in the ‘realted-products.phtml.

Under the layout file, the code is being written in such a way that the first block can be used for newer product tab and another for the removal of a block from the ‘layout flow’. The Magento developer can make the following changes in the product template and layout file.

  • The Name of the ‘template file’ in the Product Info tab
  • The Title of the Product Info tab
  • The change in the element’s attributes


The addition of the customized ‘Product Info’ tabs in the Magento 2 platform is easy and can be done by the experienced professionals from the Magento development company. The companies customize the navigation tabs. Even the CSS styling can be added up that will provide newly framed customized featured content within just a little time in the new product info tabs. The developers can also customize the other areas of the Product pages by using these important ways.

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