10 Best Magento Tools For Professional Entrepreneurs

Magento Tools For an eCommerce business

In today’s era, the online store is in full swing. With the improvement of technology and the internet, eCommerce business is growing tremendously. Now buying any product online like clothes, shoes, furniture, etc. is very easy. People enjoy online shopping very much. Hence, if you wanna earn maximum money start selling products online.

The very first job is to make your eCommerce site perfect and professional. Your website must be beautiful and user-friendly. But as you know success is not always as easy as we think, there is too many competition exist. You may find it tough to compete with your rivals unless you do something extraordinary to become successful.

Worry not! Magento has got many powerful sales generating tools in the form of extensions to help you out.

Magento Tools For an eCommerce business

Let’s take a quick roundup:

1. Advanced Product Video – Extension for Magento 2

Advanced Product Video Extension for Magento 2-minVideos are the most interesting way to provide product details to your website visitors. Your visitors will know your product easily. You can add various types of videos like reviews video, how-to videos, product demonstrations, etc.

Advanced Product Video Magento 2 extension allows you to add unlimited videos to your product description page. The videos are open in an attractive fancy box. This extension helps you increase the conversion rate and sales hike. It provides support of various video format like .mp4, .flv, etc.

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2. Magento 2 Quick Order extension

Magento 2 Quick Order extension-minAs the name itself suggest quick order, this is a dynamic element handy for those who want to make the bulk purchase quickly. It is specially designed for wholesalers, who does B2B business. It allows the customers to find their desired product by the names or SKUs. They can add the bulk product to cart directly or via a CSV file.

There is another benefit using this tool; admin can display the Quick Order page to specific customer groups as well. So, it helps sellers to sell their products in two way, enabling them to earn profit both in wholesale and retail price.

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3. Magento Google Tag Manager Integration For Magento 2

Magento Google Tag Manager Integration-minThis is a very useful tool for online marketing strategy. It allows shoppers to track and collect visitors data from their website and that can be best utilized to boost your eCommerce business. The module is helpful for your eCommerce store to manage your Google Analytics events, Adwords conversion tracking and lots more.

The extension gives you dynamic re-marketing support. With the help of this extension, you can manage to know who have visited your website. And you can also collect their data which will further help you to enhance your business.

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4. Advanced Newsletter Popup For Magento 2

Advanced Newsletter Popup Extension For Magento 2-minAdvanced Newsletter Popup is a very useful tool for Magento 2 store. It helps to display an attractive newsletter popup whenever a new customer visits your website. It allows visitors to register on your eCommerce website. It helps to maximize the number of visitors engagement and simultaneously increases the order percentage.

You can say it’s really a smart sales booster tool for an online store. This module helps store owners to share, store news like hot deals, best offers, new product launch, etc. to their registered customers. You better know how crazy are the buyers when they find any discount or offer. Be sure using this tool to great unimaginable traffic and unlimited sales.

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5. Magento 2 Twilio SMS Notification

Magento 2 Twilio SMS Notification-minYou can modernize your online store by “Twilio SMS Notification” Magento 2 extension. This is an extraordinary tool that you can rightly utilize to bring more user engagement in your online business. Using this extension, you can drastically improve the order process. This module helps store owners for sending the text messages to notify their clients about the order status.

As you know, sending order notification through email takes a lot of time to get responses from your customer. The same task if you manage by way of sending SMS notification, you will surely able to give quick updates to your customer about the latest order status. It’ll help you boost maximum sales easily.

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6. Advanced Shipping For Magento 2

Advanced Shipping-minEvery online business store must have a good shipping solution to enhance conversion volume. Making this process easier will help you satisfy your customer interest to a greater extent. Advanced Shipping extension is a marvelous tool to make your shipping job quite easier. This module comes with many stunning features for your e-Store.

It helps store owners to calculate the best shipping cost and also offers unlimited, shipping rules that store owners can set easily depending on situations. You will find it easy to use and configure for your project.

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7. Discount Coupon Code Link For Magento 2

Discount Coupon Code Link-minThe best way to increase sales volume is to provide discounts on your online products. More sales with less benefit can help you drive better profit than selling fewer products without any discount. You can introduce “Discount Coupon Code Link” extension to help you perform this task.

This is very clean, simple and easy to use module for your Magento 2 store. It helps to generate discount coupon code link which you can share with your customer through various means like social media platforms, email marketing and so on. There will be hardly any man who doesn’t like to make any purchase on getting discount. If you want to improve your sales ratio you must get this tool for your online store.

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8. Best Seller Products For Magento 2

Best Seller Products Extension For Magento 2-minIntroducing best-selling products with amazing sliding effects can drastically attract customers to your online store. Not only this, it can help you to turn each visitor into a real buyer.

This extension allows store owners to showcase the best-selling or the hottest products to their customers. It saves the time of shoppers to find the best products all together in one place. It makes easy for them to make a quick purchase. Moreover, it helps to increase interest in the minds of visitors to make an easy purchasing decision. This extension provides the most effective means to promote your best-selling products.

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9. One Step Checkout for Magento 2

One Step Checkout-minIf you are seeking the best checkout solution for your Magento 2 store, I would highly recommend One Step Checkout. This is a very amazing extension to help you make your checkout process very easy and convenient.

Using this tool online entrepreneurs can display all checkout stepson just a single page. Neither customers need to scroll down nor need to move to the next page to complete the checkout process. It simplifies the checkout task for your clients and makes the purchase process quite faster and quicker.

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10. Best Deals, Special Products With Countdown – Extension For Magento 2

Best Deals Special Products With Countdown-minOffers and deals are the biggest attraction of every online shopping website. You can present your deals in an attractive countdown timer with Best Deals – Special Products With Countdown Magneto 2 Extension.

You can display the deals in multiple pages with eye-catching way. The store owner can set the time of deals. Once the offer time is over, the countdown timer automatically removed from the product page. The extension helps you to increase sales on your store.

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eCommerce business is growing with the super faster pace. If you have a real dream to make huge money, you should never miss out the opportunity to start up an online store with powerful Magento CMS.

My advice for you, be active all the time. Always keep checking your competitor’s activities and try to introduce something new in your business. This is really possible with the help of these tools that I have shared in this blog. It will surely help you boost maximum sales.

Hope you have enjoyed my article.

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