5 Resources that Help You to Learn Android App Development Faster


There is already an average of 100,000 Android applications that are available in the Google Play/Android Market these days and Android users are still on the lookout for new and fresh applications that they could enjoy using on their mobile device. For a program developer, whether professional or amateur, developing an Android app is something that they can venture with. Here are some top resources that could help you to learn Android app development faster.

1. YouTube

YouTube is currently crawling with numerous video tutorials about Android app development. Videos are a good source of establishing a more solid foundation of your learning process and you can always find professional program developers who are generous enough to share their expertise about Android app development. Finding them is easy with YouTube. The video resources are searchable and you can choose according to your level of knowledge regarding application development. Using the YouTube EDU Channel will offer you different sources of this niche that you can conveniently access through your mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet devices.

2. Books for Android App Development

Another good source for learning Android app development are books. You can find a wide range of book materials that specialize in Android app development education. If you are a newbie then you can select the basic Android app development guide and then progress your learning to a more advanced level. Here are some good sources of books that could assist you in your learning about Android app development:

This book is great for a beginner in application development. It introduces the basic about Android app development as well as helping one to get acquainted with the Android mobile platform, Android’s basic features and versions.

Because tablets are widely used by the consumers these days, this book will help you learn to develop your own Android apps on tablets. It also teaches you to dispense from using Java and use other languages instead when working with the Android operating system.

This is a good resource book for learning Android app development if you have never developed any Android coding before. You start learning from the basic steps on application development for Android then progress to learn about working with other features like debugging, database and widget creations.

3. MIT Android App Development Tutorials

This offers a comprehensive online resource for Android app development. It is optimized for both the pros and beginners. It comes with a feature “Educators” which is a section that professionals can access in order to help students learn about Android app development. The “Explore” section is for newbie and beginners who want to have an access to various helpful tutorials and app development resources to jumpstart their learning. Lastly, you can start to exhibit your own creativeness on developing your Android app using the “Invent” section.

4. Official Development Site of Android

The Android’s official site remains to be the best resource for learning Android app development. Their resources are always up to date and always the first to introduce new advancements on the Android features. Undoubtedly, it is one of the authority sites where you helpful and updated information are always available. Take advantage of using their Android Training section that teaches app developers to build their own applications.

5. AppShed

This is an online resource that helps aspiring Android app developers improve their developing skills. The site offers resources that can make application development for Android easy and fast. With its AppShed Academy, you will find learning about application development for Android easier and quicker. It comes with video tutorials and access to teachers whose expertise is on app development and who can help you harness your skills and creativity in this field of learning.

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