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Automation Testing Tools

Automation Testing ToolsThe release of smart phones has changed the dynamics of cellphone market.  People find these handheld devices useful, as these phones are like personal computers that fit into your pocket, with your peers and pals, just one touch away from you. From email to social networks, camera, media player, web browsing, apps, games, these gadgets have made the people life better and faster, as they offer all these features in one device.

Use of Smart phones for Work purposes

The reliability and dependability of the people on these handheld devices is increasing, as they are now  using these phones for their work and businesses and to cater the high user demand, many app developing companies have made apps related to sports, music, lifestyle, shopping, bidding, finance and for lots of other categories. However, functional, usability and performance management issues pose a serious threat and challenge to these app developing companies.

High Demanding Smart Phone Users

People want fast and quick results and any load or functional issue will make your app overlooked by the users on app store.  In this epoch of rush and haste, apps with load and performance issue can seriously damage the company’s reputation as fraction of a second delay can cause million dollar loss to financial and biding experts. Similarly, an application that does not perform the functions it claims to perform creates customer annoyance and disappointment.  These issues damage the user expectation about the company; create a bad image in the minds of consumer and overall result in a bad end user experience. Therefore, it is always good to check the developed app for bugs and blemishes, before the final deployment.

The Benefits of Automation Testing

With so many handheld devices and OS coming into the market, it is now impossible for the app developing companies to manually test the apps on all the versions of available OS and hardware in the market. Therefore, to solve this complex matrix of testing issues and to get the maximum test coverage, automation testing tools are now used by many QA teams and test engineers to validate the developed apps on different platforms and devices before the final deployment. These tools mimic the human behavior and act as emulators to find the bugs in an application. Many software testing and quality assurance companies are offering software testing services to software vendors and development houses by using these tools effectively and smartly.

Famous Automation Tools Used by Q&A Companies

These testing companies use automated testing tools like QTP, Selenium, Jmeter, Loadrunner etc. to verify the applications, as these tools simplify the debugging process and ensure maximum grilling and test coverage.  QTP automation testing services are also offered by the different companies in the industry, as this tool is more user-friendly and perform robust regression testing. Using VB Script as a language, this automated functional testing tool is used to develop the test cases and offer graphical user interface. Apart from this tool, other automated tools like Selenium, Jmeter and Loadrunner are also used to test the functional, performance and load related attributes. The purpose of these tools are to perform automated testing and provide quick results with maximum accuracy and assurance.

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