Top Ten Online Reputation Management Tools That You Can Use


Reputation Management ToolsMaintaining your online reputation is not an easy task, but how about if you can use various tools or technology to help you see what others are seeing if they search your brand or business online? Sounds easier aren’t they? These web tools are made just for businesses to help you have a glimpse of what the public is viewing over your brand. In this way, you are able to address negative reputation before they even damage your online reputation permanently. If you are looking for the right tool to help you on your online reputation, the following are the things that you can use:

1. Google Alerts

If you are looking for the most basic online reputation management tool, Google Alerts can be the most basic one. It is also the easiest to use as you can already see where or when your brand is being mentioned just by using the term or keyword.

2. Whos Talking

One of the most popular online reputation management tools is Whos Talking. It alerts owners or monitors when someone is talking or searches about your brand online. The monitoring also involves all social media sites for that extra feature.

3. SocialMention

This tool is excellent in analyzing when your business or brand is being mentioned online. It can also send alerts for your keywords and the best thing is it is a free tool.

4. Alterian

Alterian is another excellent tool to find out what people think of your business. It allows you to access this information in different countries making your online reputation good across the World Wide Web. The only con on this excellent tool is it doesn’t have a free trial and price starts at $500 per month.

5. Rankur

Rankur offers demographic as well as analytical information about your business or brand. It provides basic features such as identification of your online reviews and checking your business competitors. It also works best for small companies.

6. Technorati

For those still starting on online reputation management, Technorati is best for beginners who want basic results. It allows you to track your blog posts and helps you identify links to your blog. This further allows you to monitor how your blog is being accessed by people.

7. Brandwatch

An available free demo can be used to guide you through Brandwatch. This tool helps you monitor your reputation especially in social media sites.

8. BrandsEye

BrandsEye is an easy online reputation management tool that provides you with basic steps to build your reputation. You can use the tool using a 2-week free trial before you decide to purchase or not.

9. Naymz

If you want to identify your overall reputation, Naymz, which is a free tool gives you your RepScore. It actually does its job by sending questionnaires to people in your social network.

10. Trackur

Using this tool, you can view what people are seeing when they search your brand in social networks including Google. A plus using this tool is it identifies if the person talking about your business has a big influence to the public or not.

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