5 Skills That You Must Have Before Getting Started with Joomla!

Important Skills To Work with Joomla

As per global research, Joomla is the 2nd most worthwhile and prominent CMS across the world and almost 7% websites out of total run using Joomla. A huge number of people are active with its official community, which has reached nearly 210,000. Utilizing OOPs methodologies, it is now available in 64 languages after translation. Approximately, 50 millions copies of Joomla have already been downloaded, and this figure is gradually increasing day by day. The world’s renowned United Nations Regional Information Centre and Harvard University use this fully functional & secure content management system to manage their sites. Hence, there is no doubt that Joomla deserves a considerable position.

Vast use of Joomla allows you all to play with massive features and outstandingly functionality in order to build the online stores, blogs, websites & community networks. From individual blogs to complex networks or websites, everything can be developed with basic coding proficiency. However, this robust platform is promoted like code-free development tool for building websites, but having professional adroitness in this realm is also essential to execute the specifications. Hence, it is imperative to be acquainted with basic Joomla coding so that you can start creating sites or blogs from the scratch.

Let’s Familiar With Basic Skills For Joomla Website Development


It would undoubtedly prove to be beneficial for you to have basic HTML skills before going to start playing with Joomla and its cutting edge features. Having expertise in HTML/HTML5 is required to develop a powerful website used with WYSIWYG editor. Along with this, possessing bit XHTML markup knowledge is helpful to perform modification in the templates and adjust modules.

Suppose, you are planning to create customized Joomla site, then we will recommend you to go with PSD to Joomla conversion or a Joomla development company like syoninfomedia. It’s a great technique to get optimal results. Under this, code markup is performed manually through the technique called semantic coding to ensure that the generated code is neat, clean, and competent to boost website’s performance. In this way, you would get a W3C compliant standard code which is a quality parameter and has been accepted globally.

2. Familiar with SEO Attributes

Nowadays, SEO has become a primary term that no one can ignore as it helps you amplify search engine traffic for the website. The website packed with standard level content is efficacious for business growth and you need to bring it at the top rank so that you can attain the highest conversion rates. The website is worthless until it ranks; hence, everyone endeavours to optimize it acutely and get a considerable rank over the search engines. So, how could you avoid this indispensable thing while developing a website powered by Joomla? SEO mainly includes target keywords, promotion on social networking sites, sitemap creation, linking on social networks, and much more. All these things are substantial and enable you to take an edge to stand ahead of the bottleneck competition.

3. Abreast With Joomla Basics

Know the basics of Joomla which is actually necessary to tackle the needs regarding website development and blogging. Therefore, if anyone of you is intended to create the site, then keep yourself abreast with the primary things required to start the project from the scratch. Thus, we recommend you to start jumping into the Joomla development owning the basic knowledge or meaning of the components, modules, and plugins.

To learn Joomla basics, there are lots of resources that make this learning task quite simpler for everyone. In the current internet age, you can find a number of credible resources that definitely elevate the ways to learn basics of Joomla. You may also check out the tutorials integrated with basic Joomla skills, to be acquainted with this platform.

4. CSS & JavaScript

Besides HTML/XHTML and Joomla basics, having command on JavaScript & CSS is also vital to give an eye-catching web presentation. CSS is used to execute the perfect category and style which also allows you to set the page structure, footer, header, and sidebar of the web page in simple steps. You are furthermore enabled to alter the entire website even do modifications accordingly. Loading time also gets reduced, if implemented thoroughly on the site.

JS (JavaScript) knowledge is significant to create the front-end of a website and make it fully functional. If it is used with jQuery, then it helps the developer during troubleshooting and let him understand the extension functionality.

5. Patience Plays Key Role

The website development is a time-taking task, so don’t lose your patience in mid of this process. Try to put the best efforts and have patience, the combination of both will definitely aid you to achieve the goal-oriented results.

Wrap Up!

Hence, it is good to be acquainted with all the above-mentioned skills as these are productive and can prove to be the ideal if implemented astutely. We hope that the post will help you attain enough competence that can be utilized to the fullest while building website using Joomla.

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