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5 Tips to Finding Tomorrow’s Technology Today


Finding Tomorrow Technology TodayGiven the rate by which technology is advancing, it can be difficult to keep track of the newest gadgets. To find tomorrow’s technology today, it’s necessary to take a pro-active approach to finding information and opportunities to test out new devices; this can be achieved by regularly renewing your appliances and accessories through trusted suppliers, by looking in the right places online, by attending tech shows, and by using university lectures and social media to keep up to date with news and opinions about the tech world.

1. Regularly Renew Your Appliances and Accessories

If you already have a network infrastructure and devices in place around your home or business, it’s possible to keep up to date with new technologies by building a long-term relationship with a particular supplier. In the case of networks, this can include updating your cables, switches, routers, and server room technology through a supplier. You can also opt in for loyalty schemes and newsletters from major manufacturers like Apple.

2. Know Where to Look Online

There are many online news sites and magazines dedicated to previewing and reviewing the latest technologies; some of the best to watch out for include CNET, BBC Technology News, techDirt, and Wired News. These sites provide a wealth of information, including reviews, think pieces and editorials about the future of tech, and listings for upcoming events and launch dates for particular gadgets and inventions.

3. Attend Tech Shows

Most leading technologies and gadgets are previewed at annual tech shows, which provide opportunities to get your hands on items before they’re released. The Consumer Electronics Show, (CES) usually held in January in the United States, is perhaps the largest of these events, and covers everything from the latest gadgets to new car technologies and prototypes that are still at a development stage.

4. Keep Up to Date with University Lectures and Journals

It’s possible to find out about some of the latest technologies by following academic research journals and checking for any free online lectures; unless you happen to be attending university, and are able to visit public lectures, online courses through series such as iTunes University, or MIT’s OpenCourseWare, can allow you to see speakers go into depth over the impact, history, and future of technology.

5. Use Social Media & RSS Readers

While it can be difficult to filter through content on social media, simple searches on ‘tech’ can yield excellent results on Twitter and other sites; once you have a good sense of who’s posting regular tech news, and what level of quality it’s at, you can then start to collate lists and use organisation programs like TweetDeck to keep on top of them. Moreover, creating an RSS feed library can allow you to create a daily news digest of the best technology stories and news from around the internet.

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