5 Tips on Building a Profit-generating E-Commerce Website

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The rapid growth of digital technology lays the ground for further development of e-commerce. Currently, it’s hard to find any businesses that do not use digital technology. Commerce businesses with different budgets, audiences and activity scope are trying to get online as soon as possible. It is not surprising if you take a look at the e-commerce profit in 2018. According to Forbes, the Internet economy has reached $4 trillion so far.

Whether you are interested in establishing an e-commerce business from scratch or bringing your offline business online, the foundation you need to lay is the same. Every e-commerce business needs a modern website. In this post, we’ll give you our best tips on building a profit-generating e-commerce website in 2019.

1. Go Custom

Go Custom e-commerce website One of the first decisions you need to make before starting the development of your website is what way you want to build it. When it comes to the development of any website, you have to choose which way to go: ready-made or custom.

Turning to ready-made solutions can look very appealing, as it can potentially save you time and money in the beginning. However, choosing custom web development will allow you to make your e-commerce website unique in design and functionality. Selecting the latter option, you also get all the ownership and branding rights for your product. If you go custom, you will get unlimited customization and opportunities for updates, modifications, and improvements that would help you meet the needs of your target audience. Ready-made web solutions have significantly improved over the last years. However, they are still lagging behind custom web development.

2. Prioritize Design Quality

Have you ever seen a website that looks like an abandoned house no one has been to for years? Now, would you purchase anything from an online store that glitches and freezes and still think that your money is in safe hands?

According to stats, primary reasons for online cart abandonment are missing images, design flaws, outdated layouts, and no SSL certificate. Website design is what gives your users the first impression of your business. To make a good one, you need to learn everything about your target audience and most successful e-commerce website design trends. Custom design development is a significant share of the e-commerce website cost.

After the launch of your website, you need to monitor the behavior of your website visitors to eliminate any issues that might occur.

3. Be Mobile-Friendly

Design e-commerce website Mobile-FriendlyM-commerce is currently booming. The development of technology makes mobile shopping easy, quick, and fun. And yet, there is nothing as irritating and disappointing as an interruption of a customer journey due to a fault of a merchant. Keep up with the latest design and development trends that will allow you to build a mobile-friendly e-commerce website. A share of users will be willing to purchase your products and services using their smartphone, so why deprive them of this opportunity?

You might be surprised, but you need to make a mobile-friendly website for your offline customers as well. According to Shopify, 82% of smartphone users checked a company’s website on their mobile device before going to a physical store.

4. Stay Focused

We recommend you to keep an eye on the latest trends and the behavior of your competition when working on your website development. However, we would also like to warn you from overwhelming your website visitors.

Your website is a channel for generating sales. It should be modern and well-designed, but it shouldn’t be distracting and confusing for your audience. Of course, it’s great if you can add a story of your brand, a blog and an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter. It is all right as long as any additional information does not distract your website visitors from shopping at your website. Too many pop-up windows can annoy your visitors and make them want to abandon their cart.

5. Prepare Good Content

Prepare Good eCommerce Content for your productsRegardless of what type of e-commerce website you build, you will need to fill it up with your content. You will need the images, videos, and descriptions of your products and services. You will need a brief story of your brand, company values, shipment guidelines, privacy policy and so on.

The web development company you choose can build you a perfect website, but you need to take care of good content yourself or find a professional team to do it for you. The best advice we can give you here is to follow the actions of your visitors and perform A/B testing to see how users respond to different forms of presentation of your products and services. Learn what content strategies work best for your industry to keep up with the trends.

Final Thoughts

It was our list of top five tips on building an e-commerce website that generates profit in 2019. Remember that you can create a successful e-commerce website only after you study your audience and your competition. Knowing what your customers need and what your opponents lack, you can build the product that will bring your business to the next level.

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