5 Tips To Spur Up WordPress Theme Development

WP theme design

Are you operating a WordPress website? Do you want to switch your website’s look to something more appealing? If your answer to both these questions is a “Yes” then an investment in WordPress theme development is what you ought to do. By developing a customized theme for your WordPress website/web application, you can make your presence felt over the World Wide Web. My aim behind writing this post is to make you acquainted with 5 amazing tips that play a pivotal role in speeding up WP Theme Development projects. Hope you’d definitely love these tips and follow them in your forthcoming WP theme development ventures.

WP theme design

1. Be Clear On How You Want To Create Your New WordPress Theme

Well, with a suite of theme development options available in the web market, it becomes tedious to select the right one. As someone who is about to create a brand new WordPress theme, you need to make sure that you are clear on the technique of designing the WordPress theme. You need to select from the following options:

  • Building a theme from scratch
  • Editing an existing WordPress theme by adding/removing multiple features
  • Creating a child theme for making desired changes to an existing WordPress theme
  • Creating a new parent theme
  • Using a suitable WordPress theme framework such as Hybrid, Genesis etc.

2. Follow Everything That Is New In The Theme Development Arena

In order to turn out as a successful WordPress theme developer, you should ensure to follow the latest trends in WordPress theme development. Prior to choosing a particular trend, don’t forget to gather in-depth information about the same. Doing this will let you avoid any problems that may crop in at a later point of time during development phases.

3. Keep An Eye On Coding Techniques

While performing coding for the new WordPress theme, make it a point to look into important aspects such as variable naming, spacing, indenting, commenting etc. While the functions should be kept as short as possible, you must ensure to use good namespace for all the functions. Also, make it a point to use self-describing names for variables, functions and classes. By keeping a vigil eye on the coding process, you can easily avoid multiple revisions that are required at a later stage.

4. Don’t Forget To Perform Browser Testing During The Ongoing Theme Development Process

Cross-browser compatibility is the major concern of every WordPress theme developer. Apart from paying attention to the theme’s design, you also need to check its look and feel in multiple web browsers. This browser testing should be performed while you’re undertaking the steps to develop the WordPress theme. While popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can easily adjust to the changing technologies, the other web browsers might find it tedious to load a website that includes a brand new theme.

5. Make It A Point To Cache At Every Level

Although WordPress comes with a built-in cache, you need to ensure that you cache the results from the database and the output that has been generated as a result of WordPress theme development. Since all the functions of cache are located in the WordPress codex, having a glimpse at the codex will probably aid you in dealing with the caching process.

Is There Something That I’ve Missed Out?

Hmmm….although I’ve jotted down 5 of the most crucial tips for pacing up WordPress theme development process, you may always choose to access the WordPress forum. Once you reach this forum, you’ll gain the freedom of discussing your theme design related issues with top-notch WordPress theme developers from all over the world. Backed by a wide community of experienced developers and designers, WordPress renders you complete peace of mind when it comes to resolving both, minor as well as major issues related to the process of developing themes with a purpose.

Wrapping Up!

Adhering to the aforementioned tips seriously will definitely aid you in completing your WordPress theme development projects within a short span of time. So, what’s keeping you waiting? Get going now and follow these tips to improve your success rate in developing a WordPress theme that is both usable as well as laudable.

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