10+ Best Websites to Create Logos For Free

Best Online Logo Makers & Generators

If you have a company, are thinking of starting your own business or are developing your website or blog, then surely you need to design a logo that identifies you. Many studios handle logo design, but if you are a little bit creative, creative and have imagination, then you can create your logo quickly and much cheaper. Next, we are going to show some of the best websites to create free logos.

Some experts in logo design or marketing recommend designing an easily identifiable logo, that is, that anyone who has seen our logo on any occasion can paint it because it has remained in their memory. Therefore, each one can give free rein to their imagination and creativity to design the logo they like best. Below are the best websites to create free logos easily!

Best Online Logo Makers & Generators

1. Wix Logo Maker

Wix offers a FREE online logo creating features for businesses. You can create a professional logo for your brand. It takes only 6 steps to create a professional logo with your company/business name.

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2. LogoMaker

LogoMaker is another of the websites from which you can design logos quickly. Yes, the first thing of all will be to register to use the tool. Once the registration is made, you can do it completely free.

Millions of logos have been created from LogoMaker. In very few steps, you will have a design to our liking. The first thing you have to do is choose the category to which our company or business belongs, then you write the name of the company and the slogan that you want to include and then you can choose between three options of logo styles and font types.

Once this is done, LogoMaker will show us several design proposals and you will only have to choose the one that you like the most, although you can also customize it.

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3. DesignEvo

A straightforward way to create free logos for our project, company or website is to use DesignEvo, a site in which in three steps you will have a very professional image of our company. To get started, you can go to the DesignEvo homepage, click on the Make a Free Logo button, and then unleash our creativity.

From the menu shown on the left side, you can add text, choose an icon for our logo from any of the categories offered by this tool, add other shapes or even upload images. At the top, you also find the options to undo changes, change the color, create a new project, see a preview of our design or save and download the created logo. In just a few minutes and in a few steps, you can create logos utterly free of charge.

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4. Ucraft

Ucraft is a simple online logo generator for free with the drag and drop features. You can create the business logo in 7 easy steps with the video tutorial.  There are 2 million royality-free vector icons and custom export options of SVG or PNG formats. You can download the logo in high resolution images to use them on your websites, social media and print.

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5. CoolText

If you are clear that our logo will have only one text, then this site can be your best assistant to create free logos in a few clicks. CoolText is a site where you can choose from a lot of different text designs, which you can customize to create our logo.

You have to select the letter design that you like the most, write the name of our logo, indicate the size of the text, if you want our logo to be transparent or not, choosing the type of file you want to generate, it is even possible to add also some symbol.

At the top, you will see a preview of our logo, so once you have it to our liking, you will be able to download it, edit it again, send it by mail, obtain the HTML or share it on the different social networks.

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6. Logaster

It could not be missing in this compilation Logaster, a site where you can design our logo in just a few minutes. The first thing you have to do once you enter is to add the company name or information you want to appear on the logo.

Next, we can choose the category or sector to which our business belongs, as well as the range of colors that we want to use and, finally, click on Create. Automatically we will be shown various designs that we can preview or add to our favorites list.

Once chosen, the one that we like the most, we will be able to download it or edit it previously from the preview page. Of course, this step is when the Logaster will ask us to register for free to continue with the download or editing of the logo.

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7. Looka

With some similarities to LogoMaker, Looka is an entirely online tool for you to know how to make a logo in minutes.

This application makes it possible to make changes to the font color, icons and even the shape of the logos. Although he offers these alternatives that are not available by others, there is a downside. It only allows you to download after payment.

To facilitate the choice of your logo, Looka works with artificial intelligence technology. It is a tool that studies the choices of all users and, from these results, starts to suggest the most common options among them.

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8. DesignMantic

You who have just entered the digital market, Design Mantic is the application that can be most useful to your business.

In addition to showing how to create a perfect logo, Design Mantic provides tools for creating websites design, images to interact with your audience on social networks and even signing emails.

In order to make the creation process even easier, this logo making the application does not require the user to install software on their computer or cell phone. The procedure can be done directly from the application’s website.

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9. Free Logo Design

perhaps it is the best of all since this logo editor allows you to fully customize your result. It has an orientation video and you can also consult the animation tutorial this tool shared on the webpage.

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10. OnlineLogoMaker

You can simply register and start creating an amazing logo for your business or company brand. It is coming with free and premium flavors. The differences are that you can download your logo in 300 px with the Free Pack, or in 2000 px with the Premium pack. It is an uncomplicated interface, large font selection, countless logo templates and save your project and edit later features.

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11. Graphic Springs

You can create your own logo in 30 seconds with it’s a simple solution for business owners, startups companies. It is a free logo generator with dozens of categories ranging from business to education to photography and more.

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