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Microweber CMS

Microweber-logo2Pioneering “live” in CMS

The world is full of CMS as everyone wants to have his own website or at least a blog. E-commerce is on the rise and huge numbers of people decide to try their luck as online traders and entrepreneurs. Along the giants in the sector like WordPress and Joomla there are many newcomers like Microweber CMS, contesting market shares and aiming to present their advantages. The status quo is shifting towards Drag & Drop, as it makes maintaining the site and managing content unbelievably easier. While CMS behemoths rely on their popularity and established customer base, new players can put highlights on functionality, innovative approach and flexibility.

Microweber CMS Pioneer Of Managing Content ”Live”

Relying on innovation and flexibility is what Microweber CMS – a free open source CMS, surely does. The team behind it claims to have a strong groundbreaker at hand – the feature dubbed Real time text writing & editing. This feature lets users alternate between Admin panel and an innovative “Live edit” which is pretty straightforward – one can edit his/her site’s content on the site interface in real time. No waiting for reloading involved and the sheer joy of editing content on the beautiful template of your own website.

As it was already mentioned, Drag & Drop is the only way the CMS sector is heading. Users need more intuitive platforms, fully and easily responsive to their needs and the Drag & Drop satisfies this perfectly. Utilizing Modules, Layouts and other elements to the most, users can just move them across the screen and arrange them with a click of the mouse. What took half an hour before is now possible in just under three minutes. When you need a lot of time to prepare and write out your content, why should you bother to waste time on managing it? Drag & Drop makes it clear that every user has the right of technical comfort and mustn’t worry too much about formatting the interface.

The King & Queen of CMS

Speaking of interface, customization is the crowned king of CMS, even more as many struggles to appeal to the end-user. Having a wide range of plug-ins, layouts and modules is obligatory if you want to be in the game. Microweber lives up to the challenge offering a rich choice of layouts exceeding 18 ways to shape your website. Modules are not left out either, ranging from multimedia to multiple columns, contact forms and many others.

No matter what route you choose – e-commerce, general blogging in order to share your thoughts on different topics, or custom website for your company, there is a queen to the crowned king. We’re talking about mobile tech with tablets and smartphones sharply on the rise, occupying ever bigger portion of the user’s attention and preferences. Those who don’t optimize their services for mobile device usage are out of the game. Microweber CMS plays a card here too, as all sites built using the software are 100% mobile compatible.

Openness Fueling Creativity

Open source means valuing freedom, and Internet and its services are sure to be on the front of the freedom concept. When you are a developer yourself you know what’s best for your fellow devs – giving them a chance to create and share. Microweber is open source exactly because of this, as it wants to encourage developers and designer to create modules, themes, plug-ins, whatever they wish, and distribute it via the CMS. Users can only benefit from a product with such policy as it stimulates the relationship between creators and consumers. The CMS is pretty easy to work with, as it relies on PHP and JavaScript/AJAX APIs and is similar to other template-based CMS like WordPress for example.

Future Plans

The current state of Microweber includes translated versions in 7 languages and a steady user base of 1500 customers and counting. There are still things to work on. Leading the list is the design process of new themes to add to the default one that Microweber uses. Ensuring unacquainted users have a quick tête-à-tête with the CMS is a good reason to write out a bunch of User Guides and present them to the newcomers. Striving towards the best optimization is an ever-going quest too.

In the end, it’s all about delivering the best you can to the end-user. Because that’s the only way you remain in the competitive scene, and as we know, the CMS sector is a fierce one.

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