5 WP Security Plugins to Protect your WordPress Site from Hackers

WP Security Plugins

WP Security Plugins So, by now we all must be familiar with one of the best most usable blogging platforms all over the world. Are you confused about thinking what it is? Yup! It’s WordPress. The platform is used by millions of webmasters all over the world. Foremost WordPress was used  as a blogging platform and now, many of the sites are built using this due to its awesome features. It is quite tough to have this kind of popularity platform. Hence WordPress is a target, and hackers are trying to hit it all the time. All bloggers do not want to have your website because it can disrupt your business and cause a huge inconvenience.

Here I have listed you some useful security WordPress plugins for you and mentioned the reason for hackers target the WordPress.

Reason for hackers targeting WordPress

Various reasons are there why hackers target your WordPress website. Below I have mentioned a few reasons for the wordpress hacks.

  • To steal your website traffic.
  • To get backlinks to their site.
  • To steal registered users email addresses.

This platform has some inbuilt security, but it would be wise to take some precautions to prevent your website from hackers. The top security plugins that help us to secure our website are:

1. WordPress Security monitoring

This plugin is like keeping surveillance camera in every room and taping all the actions by sitting  in a particular place. If anything goes wrong you can easily observe it. This best suits for one who wants to monitor the process continuously. This plugin will monitor the site from the the inside, creating a complete audit trail, alerting you of possible security issues (file changes, password guessing attacks, etc) and blocking the attackers.

2. Better WordPress Security Plugin

Better WordPress security plugin comes with the feature that it has the features and techniques of many WordPress plugins. It comes with a built-in feature that bans troublesome bots, switches off the ability to login for a given time period, bans the users trying to login too many times with incorrect information. It provides a easy way to the users to log into a site by giving them separate login. It enforces strong passwords for all accounts. It works on multi site/networks and it supports multi language.

3. Wordfence security plugin

Wordfence is the only plugin that has the ability to validate and fix the core, themes and WordPress plugins files even if you don’t have the backup for that. This WordPress security plugins include anti-virus scanning, malicious URL scanning and live traffic including crawlers. It enhances the login security by checking the strength of all users and admin passwords. There are many plugins available for scanning the page, but Wordfence scans the page for each and every hour. It often monitors all the pages and comments.

4. WordPress Firewall 2

This WordPress plugin checkout web request with WordPress specific heuristics to check and to stop the attacks. This action can be done by some web servers, they are not inbuilt and configuring this server to WordPress is difficult. The purpose of this plugin is not to replace prompt and responsible upgrading, but rather to mitigate 0-day attacks and let bloggers sleep better at night.

5. WordPress bullet proof Security

WordPress security Scan checks the word press blogs/websites for security purpose. It’s like we wish to lock some of our rooms in our house from entering our guests although if we call them for our party. We do this by locking the door of the room. Same as WP Security Scan checks your file and folder permissions and a few other things to make sure everything that should be locked down is locked down. It protects the hackers from entering our files.

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