12 Reasons Why WordPress Is Better Than Wix


WordPress is one of the oldest web hosting and blogging platforms. Over a few years, Wix has become popular because of its user-friendly interface to build websites easily. WordPress is used to power third-party websites as well. Today Wix is more popular than WordPress because of its design features. It comes with excellent flexible features and options to build websites in the layout and design elements of your choice. You do not need technical expertise to build websites with Wix which makes it a popular choice amongst online users.

1. Better content management

Though Wix has become popular, traditional bloggers who want to monetize their website prefer WordPress because it has a better content management system and can also be used with third-party websites. Wix has a drag and drop features that are easy to edit, but the content management system is superior in WordPress. It is easy to manage the needs of small as well as enterprise-level businesses when you use WordPress.

2. Build websites from scratch

Choose WordPress if you want to build a website from scratch. Wix comes with many in-built features that let you build a website. But, if you want a professional-looking website with customized functionality and features, you can choose WordPress. Build forums, communities, social media websites, online magazines, eCommerce websites, and more with WordPress.

3. Self-hosting options

WordPress comes with excellent self-hosting options that give you complete control over the maintenance and upgrade of the website you build. With Wix users do not have control over hosting options. You get complete control over Cpanel when you choose WordPress.org to host your website. Wix does not give users access to Cpanel.

4. Customizing templates

WordPress, as well as Wix, provide templates for choosing website layouts that are easy to install and activate. Templates in WordPress are flexible and more customizable. You can change the code of the templates in WordPress and make the changes you need. It is easy to customize the templates and make any changes you want with a WordPress blog.

5. Wide functionality

You can build websites with complex functions if you use WordPress. With Wix, there are only limited options you can use. Wix is suitable for non-technical users who only want to have a website they can build without any hassle. You can use widgets, settings, and many other options in the dashboard to add functionality to your website or blog. You can develop functionality and features for a WordPress website or blog because it is open source. It gives you the flexibility of unleashing your creativity in building websites.

6. Blogging features

WordPress comes with a host of blogging features not found in Wix. You can use widgets, create an avatar, edit the settings of comments sections. There are many user settings that are available in WordPress that allow guest blogging on your website or blog. You can create a user id and password for guest bloggers on your website. Serious bloggers prefer WordPress because a WordPress blog looks professional.

7. Install plugins

Those who want to build professional websites can use WordPress. If you have knowledge of coding you can build a website with complex functionality and customize it any way you like. There is an avalanche of useful plugins that are useful for professionals of various industries available for WordPress.

8. Umpteen themes

There are umpteen free as well as paid themes that comes with monetizing integration that you can use with WordPress as compared to Wix. WordPress gives you better plugins for SEO, monetization, and any service you are looking for. You can choose from humongous varieties of themes for a WordPress blog or website. Themes are easy to install and can be edited for making changes as per your need.

9. Ecommerce Integration

Though you can create a website on Wix to sell your products and services, you can choose WordPress for creating a fully-fledged eCommerce website. WordPress is a reliable platform and can be used with a host of third-party tools and plugins.

10. Open-source

WordPress is an open-source platform and anyone can choose it for developing features, templates, themes, etc. Wix is cloud-based and is user-friendly. It is not for developers. Those who want to build websites with complex and unusual features can choose WordPress.

11. WordPress sites are ranked high

Users focused on the SEO part and the page rank must opt for WordPress as these types of websites and blogs are ranked high. WordPress comes with umpteen tools for SEO and optimization of content that is not available with Wix. you get a better page rank with WordPress sites as they are responsive. You can build a WordPress site for desktop as well as mobile platforms. This facility is not available with Wix.

12. Advanced functionality

When it comes to content management and overall website building experience, WordPress is better because it comes with advanced options for functionality that is not available in Wix. You can build highly customizable websites with a layout and design element of your choice.


WordPress is for professional website building and Wix is for fun users who want to have a nice looking website that does not have technical knowledge. Those who are looking to build, upgrade features and add functionality can choose WordPress. There are more options in WordPress than Wix for those who want to experiment design, layout, and functionality.

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