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7 Tips to Avoid Breaking Your Website with a New WordPress Plugins

Apart from other reasons, WordPress plugins are one of the main reasons why today's new generation entrepreneurs love to use different WordPress plugins. In simple words, WordPress plugins are tools which allow people to add more features & functionalities to...

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5 Key WordPress Plugins for Your E-Store

E-commerce is the future of trade in general because of its accessibility and efficacy. What owners of online stores need to ensure to welcome that future is easy-to-use plugins for their online e-commerce platform. Since WordPress is still the leading...

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7 Essential Free WordPress Plugins for Your Website

So you are planning to start a new website and installed WordPress already. But what now? Though WordPress comes with required functionality in itself, you need additional functionality for your website to make it more interactive and useful. There are...


6 Must Have Plugins for Every WordPress Bloggers

Plugins are add-on applications for your WordPress blog. Using the right plugins on your blog can add extra functionality and boost its performance. Currently, there are over 21,000 WordPress (WP) plugins available for download. But simply because you can use...

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5 Plugins to Maximizing Your WordPress Forms

WordPress is a great blogging and content management system (CMS) platform, especially for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. But, there’s more to making a WordPress website work for you than just loading it up with content and great SEO. You...