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Creating a Great Error 404 Page


You might have a great website that’s full of interesting and top quality content. But if your visitor continuously wanders off the edge of your site and can’t find their way back, they might eventually get so frustrated that they get fed up and go elsewhere.

While it isn’t necessarily your fault that your visitor has landed on an error page, it’s a great idea to have one set up just in case they do. This way, you can redirect them back to the homepage with a single click and re-engage them as a visitor.

An Error 404 page doesn’t have to be bland either. In fact, it almost helps to re-engage your visitor if you get more creative and put together an eye-catching 404 page. We’ve scoured the web for great examples, and here are some of the best we’ve found so far.



Addthis 404 page design


Nick Ciske


Nick Ciske 404 Page Design


Virgin Holidays Cruises


Holidays Cruises 404 Page Design



yelp 404 page Design




kiss 404 page design

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