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Custom Web Design Versus Do-It-Yourself Website Templates

Custom Web Design

Custom Web DesignIf you ask yourself today if you can survive without the internet, the answer is a clear no. With the introduction of the internet to the masses, communication and information gathering has never been the same. People that have experienced the wonders of the internet have never looked back. It has become a necessity in our everyday lives and some of us cannot do without it. Well it’s a double edge sword  so to speak but our present day lives will not be the same if its not for the internet.  The government, businesses big or small and personal users takes advantage of the internet. To let everyone know that these entities exist, websites have to be built and uploaded to the internet.  Websites can be built in house or outsourced to a website design company. Presently there are many options  in creating  a website – you can opt for DIY website templates or a custom web development. Whether it’s a business or a personal website, you want to have a professional looking and easy to navigate interface. Having a professional looking website will make it more credible and trustworthy. People will not hesitate to visit and will create more traffic.

Advantages of a custom web design

Most people think that going for a third party web development team is expensive. It may cost a little more  but the advantages overweigh the  cons.

  1. A unique design. The website will be different from everyone else’s. It will not have that generic feel to it.
  2. The website will be built to be search engine friendly. A professional web designer will know the codes of your website which can influence the ranking in the search engine results.
  3. The website will be custom built to your specifications and needs. By doing a website planning with the developer, you can a have a list of features  that can be added to your site.
  4. The custom web development team that will maintain your website. A good content management system can also be incorporated into the website.
  5. Lastly, corporate or personal branding will be incorporated into the website design. Graphics that do not take too much computer memory is preferable. Visitors do not want to waste too much time waiting for a website graphic to download before going to another page.

Website template advantages

Some people think that using a DIY website templates are not at par with having a third party web design team.  Yes , most if it is designed for non technical users but it does not mean it cannot be as effective. Get to know your target audience, put up reliable and updated contents and see your ranking go up.

  1. More economical and easy to set up. As mentioned earlier,  website templates are designed for non technical users.  It can be built and set up in a few hours and  it does need a big budget to run. Although some services require a yearly fee, most of it does not exceed $10/YEAR.
  2. Colors and set designs are readily available.
  3. Development time is minimal. Most features in website templates are drag and click so setup time is not long.

Remember that many people may be using the same template as you are now. Keep in mind that even though that some templates are used by another user, your website should still appear unique and professional. Some customization will be limited to the website template thus  thinking of a unique color, look and branding will make a difference.

The choice of having a custom web development team or going for a Website template will still go down on the needs of the business or user. Remember that you want to stand out from the rest and provides the customer’s or visitors’ needs.

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