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Top 8 E commerce Design Trends 2020

E commerce Design Trends 2020

Online store design styles and trends keep on evolving continuously. Look and feel of the online store is what decides whether the visitors will turn into customers or leave your store. Not only for start-ups but also for already established brands, keeping up with the design trends is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. To make sure that your customer has an enjoyable experience, designers need to reevaluate the design of the store time-to-time. Newer concepts and ideas of designing are introduced every day with ever-evolving online shopping habits. Along with technologies like AR, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things booming up daily, it is necessary for e-commerce store owners to keep up with the competition.

1. Minimalist Design will Rule

You might have noticed the leading brands have already shifted towards minimalist designing on their e-commerce store. Not only that, the trend of optimal navigation and minimized layout. Brands will now focus on emphasizing the product’s functioning and features, and not the maximum utilization of filters and widgets on the store to enhance the user experience.

2. Dark Mode Might take A Leap

Dark mode majorly shifts the background of mobile operating systems to black, which helps to reduce eye strain in some environments. This functionality enables mobile devices to adjust in the ambient lighting conditions helping to extend the battery life of mobile devices.

3. Accessibility is the New King

All that a designer needs to take care of is the accessibility of the designs made by them. This might be the highly ignored part till now, but in 2020, accessibility of the e-commerce store will be a game-changer. It will benefit customers with disabilities to seamlessly pass through the website. User experience is what makes a customer stay back and check out the collection on your e-commerce store.

4. Product Images with Motion, A Revolutionary Update

Moving on with the quality of product images, 2020 will be the year of motion in the product images. The revolution of moving images will change the trend of a high-quality static image. It is advisable to make use of highly advanced visuals and dynamic images. Some of the leaders have already started utilizing videos, animation, micro-interactions, cinema-graphs. Images with motion are just a fantastic way to grab the attention of the customers. It also offers a lot of practical benefits as it shows products more realistically. Images with motion help, giving a 360-degree vision of the product to the customers, encouraging them to make a purchase.

5. AR & VR Utilization, The Booming Technology

Advanced interactive visual design technologies like AR, VR, and 3D are more accessible than traditional static images. With the help of these technologies, the store owners can let customers have a better understanding of the product and how the product will look on them. Enhancing shopper’s user experience this way will lead you to repeat business and increased sales. Especially for the fashion industry and decor industry, this technology can be a game-changer.

6. Smart AI Chatbots – The Best Friend of Customers

Chatbots have been in the picture for long, but utilizing chatbots in 2020 will be altogether a strong game. Smart AI chatbots will turn out to be the best friend of customers as well as store owners. With this, not only can you have a conversation with the customer, but you can also suggest some products to them based on what they are looking for. These advanced chatbots are not only virtual assistants available 24/7, but can also act as consultants to help customers find better.

7. Grid Layouts, Distinctive is the Trendsetter

Gone are the days when a product with square grid layouts only got clicked and purchased by the customer. It is understood that same size images and strict rows keep the online structured, but some websites have started utilizing the unconventional grid type and it really pays off! It majorly offers the brand a modern look and feel. For the newly sprung and quirky fashion brands, this layout seems to be pretty helpful to draw more attention.

8. Landing Page better Be Product Page

Earlier, bringing the shopper to the website’s homepage was considered to be the fundamental way of marketing. Nowadays, store owners have started utilizing a different approach to this. During the past few years, specific approaches have bypassed the homepage completely.

Social media, as well as ads, directly land the visitor to the product page, making it easier for shoppers to make the purchase. Keeping that in mind, designers have started adding more elements to the homepage making it more like a mini-store centered around a single product with clear and concise navigation to make it quicker for visitors to find what they are looking for.

Before Signing Off

With the technologies upgrading continuously, enhanced and intuitive visuals, better communication, 2020 is going to be a successful year for the e-commerce industry. In the new era, connecting with customers is just as important as having a beautifully crafted online store. An excellent e-commerce design is all that you might require to keep up-to-date with the competitive era of technology.

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