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8 Innovative Trends Of Web Design In 2020

Trends Of Web Design In 2020

If there is one thing certain about web design trends in 2020, it is the last call for web designers to leave their mark on the decade.

And, you just can’t go opposite of the trend, can you?

So to help you with the dominating trend in the landscape, it’s mandatory to have an insight into the latest web design trends for 2020 that will make your tedious work a lot easier. Like most things, the hottest web designs change with time, and to match the pace all you need is to hire web developers.

Do you know, designers have a…. tense relationship with the idea of trends. While, on the other hand, being the part of the crowd feels wrong – after all, isn’t creativity doing anything or what everyone else is doing? Abiding by thought, the only value in knowing what’s the hottest in for trends is knowing what you are pushing against.

Either way, it’s not difficult to get hands-on the latest trends for web design and development. Simply, lift your eyes off from your smart devices and have a look around.

Basically, what matters is the understanding of every know-how of the trend’s inception and adoption. Because at the end of the day, trends do tell a lot about the culture. The culture that you love, admire and even hate, all these take you a little closer in getting to other heads – especially to nod yes with them.

Even, when the web designers, art aficionados, and fashion critics of the future have a sneak-peep into our era, what they will see and say on will be the best trends of our time. Simply, because “trends are history in the making”.

Ready To Watch The Promising Web Design Trends For 2020?

I am here to help you with a quick summary of the hottest picks of web design trends for 2020. So, let’s see what future historians will be saying about today’s trend.

1. Elements Of Playfulness – “Micro Animations”

Elements Of Playfulness – “Micro Animations”Not everybody knows about the term “Micro-Animations” – or sometimes called as “micro-interaction” in technical terms are mostly seen in the digital world. Micro animations are initially brief animations designed to direct the user through the complete interaction process with a digital product.

Don’t confuse “micro” with “insignificant”. Alike with guiding the user through their interactions with your website, it can add elements of playfulness to your site. This trend was a popular choice for the last few years, but in 2020 it will be about using them organically.

Even, online shopping platforms are using the micro-animations for enhancing their user experience and give shoppers a taste of what their products are like. This trend provides users with a preview of how clothes will look on real people.

2. The Shapes That Happen In Nature – “Organic Shapes”

The Shapes That Happen In Nature – “Organic Shapes”Geometric Shapes were the talk of the town in 2019, but 2020 is all about “Organic Shapes”. Organic and fluid shapes are the one which doesn’t involve any straight lines. Wonder about the shape nature has, like valleys and hills, or the asymmetrical edges of a river or a lake.

Fluid shapes happen to be a great way of dividing the website section without harsh lines and appropriate angles. Moreover, they are a great way to use in the backdrop, the same way Android uses a circle behind their products on the homepage.

3. Old Is Gold – “The Minimalism”

Once called “Flat-Design”, is today’s “Minimalism” is not new in web design but is associated with a lot of white space. While in 2020, the definition is re-written, it’s now experimenting with colorful minimalism.

Old Is Gold – “The Minimalism”As said by Maxwell, “It doesn’t have to be all white to be minimalism”.

To have an example of the “New Minimalism” – Shopify is a considerable choice. Each webpage of their site has a bold background color with clean text and minimal designs that is eye-pleasing and attractive. It’s proof minimalism doesn’t need to be monotonous and starkly.

4. The Thumb Rule – “Thumb Rule Navigation”

I am abiding by the web design thumb rule, “Thumb rule navigation” has swapped the responsive design as an option. Foremost is your website should work well and be easy to navigate on any device, especially mobile.

Thumb Rule Navigation web designHowever, in 2020, hire a PHP developer that will focus on mobile-friendly web design.

Now, you may be stumbling around what is “thumb-friendly”?

I am talking about the way we use mobile. I suppose you are using your smartphone while reading this, and if yes then just have a look at how you are holding your phone. Possibly your fingers are wrapped around the phone from back and thumb controlling all the other functions.

Interesting, right?

So, make sure to put the navigation bar, menu, and not to forget the contact button in the easy reach of the thumb, which will make your site easy to access and improves UX manifold.

5. From Cheerful Wordmarks to Serious Logos – “The Helveticization Of Brand Identity”

The Helveticization Of Brand IdentityIn the last few years, a considerable number of brands turn from delightful alluring brand identities to simple – Sans Serif.

Or better to put, the brand identities eventually outcome in a Helvetica version.

So, it will be a better choice to shift from the recognizable quirky to the utter-most important notion of cognitive fluency. Even the world’s biggest and well-known brands are boasting serif logos. It’s a surprise, as a little step in that direction is seen as a significant sign of firms turning mature.

Similarly, this is a “meta-trend” everyone expects to see again and again, and 2020 is unlikely to be an exception.

6. A Little More Adventurous & Vintage Type

Adventurous & Vintage Type Web DesignWhile logo designs are stepping ahead with the trend of homogeneity, some odd choices are uprooting as well. MailChimp is one of the examples for turning the brand symbol a little more adventurous and vintage.

While 2019 was called for a renaissance in serif-fonts, but 2020 seems to be putting it quicker and a more nostalgic foot forward – at least in the headlines. Each of the retro-ish companies is accomplished with full-weight ranges which makes them the right fit for the flexibility that editorial work requires.

7. A Year Of Great Writing

From last year, visual design for product and web have been saturated. But, I have found a tried-and-tested reliable platform with proven UX flow and interactions for the web as well as product beneath your sheath. The result makes the digital product and web design appear to be close cousins – if not siblings.

A Year Of Great WritingThis is why it is crucial to strengthen your storytelling skills and efficacy as a writer, adding to the responsibilities of your job as a designer. It’s a walk on the cake, to develop an ever-lasting taste from the web-design perspective.

Therefore, make sure to imbibe words for better communication with your team and get work done with ease and comfort.

8. A New Design Inspiration – “The Gradients”

The time Instagram was rebranded in 2016, their new gradient logo was the apple of an eye for almost everyone. It was unique, and it was different from the popular style of that time.

The Gradients web designBut their decision to modernize gradients left no stoned unturned for the successful yet bespoke web design as a whole. Gradients are the top choice among the creative options when you are doing the Google search for popular web design for 2020 and ahead.

Observing the exponential drift of trends, ColorSpace has crafted a website that provides the function of a tool for producing gradients and color palettes, making it a lot easier than your worst nightmare ever.

It is one of the promising web design trends that is expected to grow and incorporated in the latest website designs for 2020 and coming years.

Putting The Lid…

Since the launch of smartphones and the commence of social platforms, there has been an all-new level of connectivity.

So, if in 2020, you want to see a slew of clean, impressive, and eye-catching websites that uses the latest web design and development trends, get Your Free Estimation and enhance the user experience.

Moreover, if you want to draw the right balance between the value of investment and return of investment, rely on the experienced software development company with techno-geeks in their team.

Lastly, if you are seeking an answer for the dominating web design trends as a “user”, or a part of the audience. Don’t forget “You Are A Maker Too”. In 2020, it’s the right time to ask yourself:

“What should be your step to make people have control back in their lives and engagements”?

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