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9 Questions to Ask Your Designer before You Start a Website


Designing a website is not an easy take. It requires expertise and experience to construct such a complex platform. This can be daunting for newbies and amateurs who don’t know the first thing about creating a website design. This is where the services of on-demand graphic design services come into play. You can avail of their expertise where they can make your website design at a specific price. But with so many graphic design agencies operating across the world, finding the perfect web designer can be challenging.

You can write down a list of questions you can ask web designers of your choice. It is imperative to ask the mentioned questions because it will determine whether the designer reflects your vision and ideology.

1. Can you do the Required Research for Our Business?

It takes an ample amount of research about your business to create, design, and strategize your website. You need to locate and collaborate with a designer who understands the nature of your website vision. He has to grasp how and what kind of web design will attract your potential customers and partners. The success of your business depends on its effectiveness. Good branding and website designing prospects will remain fruitless if your web designer overlooks the necessary information required to create your website.

2. Can you design a website according to my budget?

It is essential to know how much budget you have before starting your web design project. Sometimes the budget is limited, so you have to update the designer before you can begin the process.

Ask your designer if he can work according to your budget and what are his requirements for his services. Ask him the options they offer and enter some negotiations if you have to. The costs for a web designer vary considering the services they offer. It can range from stock images to domain registration.

Transparency with your price will establish a better relationship with your designer.

3. Do you offer in-house services or outsource your work?

There is a multitude of web design platforms that outsource their projects. You must ensure that you know if they partake in this process; otherwise, it can cause miscommunication, project delays, and confusion. If your graphic designer is preparing to attain additional assistance, it’s incumbent upon you to know if that is the case. This way, you can avoid any misunderstandings and collaborate with the designer productively.

4. Will I Have Contact with the Project manager?

It’s possible that when you acquire the services of a web designer, he will be working with a team of designers to create your project. You need to inquire whether you can have a direct line of communication with the project manager. That project manager will be overseeing every aspect of your project ranging from research, design to development.

5. What Is Your Design Process?

Ask your web designer about his manner of operation when designing a website. Ask him if he uses project management software or utilizes a documented design process. If they answer in the affirmative, you’ll know for sure that the designers you are hiring have substantial experience and qualifications to do the job.

6. When Can I Receive My Website Design?

If time is of the essence for you, you need to ask your web designer the timeline of when they will deliver you your project. You need to know the date of when your project can be provided. If the timeframe fits your requirements, you can proceed with the project.

If you experience some unexpected issues or incorporate changes in your project, give your web designer extra time to finish the project. Ensure that you read the company contract owing to the fact that some agencies can charge you extra if the projects exceed the deadline.

7. How Can I Help with The Project Process?

Asking this question will help you evade the prospects of scurrying for passwords, images, or content.

Be transparent with your designer and assure him that you can be of assistance in any way you can. You can move on to give them the necessities to help them kickstart the project. You need to keep a schedule to meet with your designer and provide him with whatever he asks for granted that he is not unreasonable or excessive.

8. Can I Provide the Images for The Website?

Usually, the designer has all the images in his arsenal to do the job. But if he accepts your images, you need to collect all the videos, images, and material for your design. Make sure to inquire him about extra pay for stock images.

9 Can I See Your Portfolio?

Web designers tend to display their work on their platforms. Make sure to view their works for other clients and observe their styles and user experience. Graphic Design Agencies place a few projects to feature on their website to get an idea of what you can expect from them. Never hesitate to ask to see more of their work. If their portfolios are modern, responsive, and consist of positive feedback from previous clients, you know you are making the right choice.

Overall, the prospects of selecting the perfect web designer for yourself takes time.

You need someone who can reflect your project according to your demands, which is why an on demand graphic design service can help your design materialize. Don’t be afraid of the response of the designer. Ask him anything that comes to mind. He is the one who will be collaborating with you. You need to test him before submitting your project to him.

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