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10 Technology Trends Influenced by Web Development

Technology Trends

Technology TrendsWith technology picking up pace, the question on everyone’s mind is “Where are the flying cars and talking robots that we expected?” Well here are some futuristic technology trends that have been influenced by web development.

1. Prioritize Content

Always make content the highest priority. It is why the visitors are on your website. If possible, make it the focal point of the website. Get search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to store your website appropriately in their database by making use of Search Engine Optimization.

2. Smooth Design

A simple design means that the website will be able to load with minimal problems on many devices. Gone are the days when only a personal computer could load up webpages. We have to now consider smart phones and tablets that don’t have widescreens or extensive options to process complex websites. A fluid website also means that the visitor is not agitated by the layout of the site and will spend more time browsing it. Take Google’s homepage for instance. It is a very simple and straightforward page, yet it is one of the most visited in the world.

3. User Friendliness

As briefly discussed in the point before, the User experience is very important. The website should be user-friendly to avoid frustrating the user to want to leave the website. Nowadays, Website structures tend to emulate the mobile app style due to the impressive user friendly platforms they offer.

4. The Mobile App style

Smartphones and tablet interfaces are generally very user friendly due to their simplicity. They are designed in such a way that it is easy to learn how to use them. Websites these days don’t have as much content and features to cluster their pages. This tends to put more focus on what is important and eliminates what is not necessarily needed.

5. One version for all devices

There have been discussions amongst the tech community to devise a way to unify the page style between the PC, tablets and smart phones. If all devices have one style, it helps to make the webpage more user-friendly and easier to learn.

6. Graphic Design creativity

Graphic design techniques such as splash vector graphics, unique fonts and visual effects have been increasing to attract more people to websites. Websites are looking more like a work of art these days as a strategy to attract users.

7. Minimal and simple colors

This is to ensure that less powerful devices that have trouble processing dynamic and colorful websites can cope. It is also aimed at making the websites more user friendly and simple.

8. One size does not fit all

More and more web developers are experimenting with different technologies. With the broad selection of programming languages and content management systems available, web developers are able to use the appropriate solution depending on the customer’s request.

9. Futuristic Device Interaction

The way that we interact with our devices is changing. More voice activated and touch screen devices are going on the market and this is the time to experiment with ways to input commands other than buttons or keypads.

10. Device to device interaction

In these times, devices will soon start to interact with each other. The television will talk to the phone or your central air system. The television could turn off when it senses that you have turned on the television in your room. This is how devices will begin to talk to each other. The user and anonymous roles will come into play and demand more attention to ensure security.

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