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Monotype Launches ‘Typecast’ Browser-Based Web Design Tool


The Typecast web design tool is out after a whole year of beta testing. It was announced more than a year ago and it was being used as a beta version all these days. The various experiments done during the beta use proved that it would help developers and so Monotype, the company that offers technology, typefaces, and expertise in the development of websites, has now launched this tool recently. The new tool offers great help in generating codes that will determine the typeface of websites. It is of much help to developers and now developers can easily use their creativity.

Typecast Browser-Based Web Design Tool

Monotonous Job

Until now, the developers had to write codes for different type settings of their sites and it was a monotonous job. They could know how it looked like on the site only after seeing the preview. However, the Typecast tool lets developers work on the fonts and they can see how the fonts look on their sites even before the testing. This saves both time and trouble as they can know about the type setting of the website before the launch. The Typecast software can also develop HTML and CSS codes that can be directly embedded to their sites.

Launching Typecast

Typecast also lets developers set the styles they need such as coloring, font sizes, line spacing, ligatures, fractions, and so on. By launching Typecast, Monotype has given web developers a powerful yet simple tool which helps them customize web pages and use their creative side easily. The monotony of writing codes for the typeface sometimes might limit the creativity being used on the website. However, with Typecast, it will no longer be a problem because web developers can easily change and generate codes for the typeface and concentrate on the other parts of the website.

Cutting-Edge Designs

As it saves both time and trouble, developers can focus on experimenting with the other ideas they have. It can also help them experiment by using different typeface settings on their website. Typecast lets developers use fonts from kits such as Fontdeck, Webtype, Google, Avenir, Trade Gothic, and various other font kits. The cutting-edge designs and the hand-tuned fonts in these kits can help you make your websites look awesome. You just have to set the styles you need and Typecast can generate codes for that.


It can be used for complex projects also. If you are running a project with complex operations, it is easy to use Typecast and have uniform typeface across all the areas. Now, an exciting typeface for your projects is only clicks away. Though it is not a free tool, spending a little for this exciting tool is worth it. The basic plan starts from $29 per month and you can use the monthly, yearly or the tri-yearly plans. Your subscription also brings with it a free subscription to Fonts.com, which has more than 20,000 web fonts that can be used for your website. There is also a trial version that is available for free for 14 days.

With Typecast, you get not just a code generator for web fonts but a wealth of fonts to be used on your sites. Buy it today, to make your sites look great.

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