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6 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Is Vital For Website

Responsive Web Design TipsResponsive Web Design Tips

The rapid adoption of smartphones among the users has increased the importance of mobile-friendly websites. As users are very much interested to view websites on the tablets and other similar devices, web developers are now focusing more on the development of responsive websites. Stats suggest that nearly 83% of the users find it a better option to view emails on their phones; thus, better viewing experience is required. Therefore, to make things easy for the visitors, it is important to design the websites that could easily adapt to the mobile screens.

Designing a mobile-friendly or responsive web design (RWD) is not only a benefit for the business owners but also for the users who are visiting the websites. At one hand, such websites scale well over the mobile phones and this is a benefit for the users. Website owners, on the other hand, benefit with the easy navigation of the websites on any of the devices whether they are smartphones, desktops as well as tablets. Here are some more reasons that speak in the favor of the adoption of responsive web design.

1. RWD Future-Proofs Websites for Different Devices

The market of mobile devices is evolving every day with the introduction of gadgets having different screen sizes. In case the responsive web design technique has been correctly implemented, users with their new devices can have a great experience from sites. This makes the websites ready to be viewed on different devices irrespective of the sizes of the screens.

2. Higher Ranking for Mobile Optimized Websites

The giant search engine Google ranks the websites well that have a responsive design. Thus, responsive web designing is the key to get higher ranking on the web. Websites that are responsively designed with a single URL are easy to be indexed by search engine robots that help in the higher web ranking. In addition to this, it also helps to reduce the on-page search engine optimization error.

3. Responsive Design Websites are Easy to Maintain

If compared with the mobile version of the websites, responsively designed pages are easy to maintain as smart devices are updated at instant speed. It clearly states that the mobile versions of the websites are required to be updated at an equal pace if optimal user experience is needed. This makes the maintenance of mobile sites a tiresome work that is expensive as well. Thus, responsive web design is an ideal option to remain abreast with the fast-paced technological development.

4. Better User Experience As RWD Reduces Bounce Rate

Websites that have built-in responsive web design instantly open on mobile devices unlike those sites that are not designed with responsive approach. The latter is a reason for the increase of bounce rate of the websites. However, responsive web pages provide optimal user experience by fitting any of the screen sizes. This helps to hold the users on the web pages and browse around easily, which ultimately reduces the bounce rate.

5. RWD is a Cost-Effective Option

The development of responsive web design may take longer time; however, such designs survive longer and require little maintenance. More to it, the management and support for upgrading the websites only need to be applied at one place. This not only saves the money of the website owners but also saves the time of the website developers. This is beneficial for the developers as well as the website owner.

6. Return On Investment Improves With RWD

The return on investment with responsive web design is greater as it helps to increase the number of users visiting the website. Smartphones are increasing in number and so is the count of the people using them. Therefore, designing websites that are optimized for mobiles is an easy way to get better returns for the business owners. Moreover, it is always beneficial for the developers to focus their time on a single site that reaches to diverse platforms and also helps to increase the value of website as well as web application.

Opting for the responsive website design or RWD is an easy way to taking up a website to the next level. Responsive design not only helps the websites rank well over the search engines but also improves the usability in addition to improving the overall SEO results. With the increase of smartphone users, the future of websites lies in responsive designing. The fact has also a massive support of the stats that state the current number of mobile phone users is nearly 6.8 billion of the total world population.

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