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5 Best Hosting Providers for Small Business in 2015

BlueHost Hosting

All businesses, whether you have one employee or several, need a website to get a presence on the Internet. Seriously, any company that doesn’t have a website is losing out on serious money, because a company with a nicely organized presence can attract several clients or customers. To do this, you must set up a website after picking a hosting service.

On the one hand, it’s easy and affordable to get started with a website. However, the tricky part comes in finding the right hosting service, which is the company that stores your files and runs your website. All hosts are different, providing different levels of data, email and similar features. Even the way you pay, whether it’s month-to-month or yearly, can also vary.

1. GreenGeeks

Green Geeks HostingAn up and comer in the industry, GreenGeeks has been around since 2006, working hard on building a professional reputation among small businesses. Their selling point gives them a major advantage: They use wind energy credits to help offset carbon output from servers. Numerous studies show how servers keep contributing the CO2 output, which is an important issue that GreenGeeks dedicated itself to reducing the problem.

You may also find it comforting that you’ll be helping the environment by running a successful online business with GreenGeeks. Thanks to 300 percent carbon offsetting, your carbon footprint will not only be negated but erased. You will have a positive impact on the environment rather than harming it.

Many hosting providers stack several users on one server to try and increase their profits, but that’s nothing GreenGeeks practices; they do not attempt to crowd customers, which means you can trust in having a faster speed for your website. They also ensure that should something occur to your website speed, they will do everything possible to keep your data safe thanks to nightly backups.

With all of these benefits, it’s hard to argue going with any other hosting provider, especially since GreenGeeks isn’t any more expensive than anyone else out there. That makes it the obvious choice as the best hosting provider to go with is — you can help fix the future while keeping your wallet happy at the same time.

New accounts can take advantage of a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with the service and what it has to offer, you can receive a full refund by canceling.

2. Bluehost

BlueHost HostingA respectable choice in today’s industry, Bluehost makes it easy to get started with a WordPress blog or similar website. If you’ve used HostMonster before, you’ll find this one familiar since they share a parent company. Those who need the extra security might want the offerings Bluehost has to offer, however. In addition to this, the Mojo Marketplace has many applications that can be added to your account with ease.

As an added bonus, Bluehost offers several tools to quickly build new websites, manage your email, manage domains, filter useless spam and collect statistics for your website. To build a website, just use the Weebly or WordPress installation programs. Alternatively, you can use File Manager or FTP. If you purchase the add-on, you’ll also have access to the goMobi Mobile Web Builder as well.

3. Media Temple

Media Template HostingKnown for managed WordPress hosting above all, Media Temple offers this as well as VPS, dedicated and shared options for the small business searching for the best hosting provider. Media Temple may not be as well-featured as GreenGeeks or Bluehost, but it still should have what the small business needs for the most part.

Shared hosting plans have access to creating 1,000 new email addresses and can also integrate Google Apps for Work features with this. That said, there is no limit to the number of emails you can create on a VPS or dedicated hosting plan.

4. HostMonster

HostMonster HostingDue to sharing the same parent company, HostMonster looks quite similar to Bluehost. However, while the two have the same general purpose, they offer different kinds of services. HostMonster is the easier of the two to use while offering several interesting add-ons. Like other providers on this list, HostMonster allows users to take advantage of Weebly to build a new website.

In addition to this, you can host WordPress for an extra fee, as well as access an easy setup. It is possible to just navigate to your control panel, install WordPress and select a domain from a drop down menu before typing in your admin username and password. With a click of the install button, you’re just seconds away from a new site.

5. InMotion Hosting

InMotion HostingAnother great host for managed WordPress hosting, InMotion Hosting is among some of the best of all hosting providers for small business. Not only are the WordPress features superior to several of its competitors, but also it offers several choice packages with unlimited storage, domains and data transfers. Not only this, but the customer service is also quite attention and ready to answer any questions you may have.

There are several e-commerce options available with InMotion. For example, the Premium Web Builder will let you make an eShop page and put together a basic store. However, payment options are a bit limited, so it won’t work for everyone. You may also download the two free programs PrestaShop and OpenCart to get a store that is more robust. The latter is quite robust in its features and can easily track down sales and customers as well as offer several additional payment options. By far, this beats competitors like JustHost and others, which charges extra just to have some e-commerce options on your site, available for free with an InMotion Hosting account.

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