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7 Useful Tools & Apps for Professional Web Designers

Apps For Professional Web Designers

The modern technological era has given us an incredible opportunity to become more productive and efficient by using a variety of tools and apps available on today’s market. According to research, jobs in the web-design industry are gaining much popularity and are becoming high-demand positions in IT world. Due to the ever-increasing competition, web-design companies need to struggle to get a competitive advantage on the market. As a result, new web-design tools started emerging to improve the design workflow and contribute to Agile project management. Although most of the design tools have a number of useful features, it’s important to choose the right set of tools that will streamline your design process and help your design team to stay in the loop.


The sketch is a rich-feature vector design tool that is built to empower professional design and help modern graphic designers develop a flexible workflow. It allows your team to easily create complex shapes and utilize extensive layer styles and vector Boolean operations to create unique high-quality artwork from the initial to the final stage. A license of sketch costs $99 and it gives you one year of free updates.


ActiveCollab is a powerful but simple project management tool that helps your team stay productive. It is a Basecamp alternative that allows your team to minimize their time doing mundane tasks and allow them to focus on real work. It lets you delegate tasks to your team in just a few clicks and helps everyone estimate and track time on tasks. The most important part is that it lets your clients have an insight into the process and invoice in a matter of seconds. ActiveCollab starts at $25.


Canva is a simple design platform that enables businesses and individual design professionals to create unique designs. It’s a simple drag-and-drop design software that can offer solutions to most common issues in content marketing strategy. With its wide range of images, fonts, and templates, building design, templates and documents without hassle. Create website banners, posters, and Facebook covers and use a library or a Canva photo editor. The best part is that Canva is for free.


Invision is a straightforward web-based prototyping tool that helps designers create and test prototypes and designs for any device. Invision lets your team upload their design files and add animations in order to transform your screens into interactive prototypes. Also, it allows your clients to comment directly on your projects and manage your project screens from one location.


Figma is an interface design tool that allows your team to collaborate on their projects and instantly share them with other team members. It gives you the ability to vector-based UI design, give comments, share and store everything in one place. It connects to the cloud enabling your designers to work on the projects at the same time. With Figma, versioning is simpler and more visual and building vector networks are much quicker.


Mural is a visual collaboration workspace that allows your team to brainstorm ideas, create and collaborate with ease. It helps your team reach insights faster and maximize collaborative time. It gives your team the ability to work on digital whiteboards where they can visualize their ideas and offer solutions to any issues that may come up. Instead of wasting their time on administrative work, they can use templates and built-in framework to show their creative process and produce a positive deliverable. Mural starts at $12 per month.


Evernote is a powerful note-taking application which allows your team to keep a memory of the important data, easily capture ideas and maintain contacts. Evernote helps you create a real teamwork culture by enabling your team members to nurture and share their ideas on all important devices. It comes with the free basic plan and paid professional plans start at $29.99.

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