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Why Should You Switch to HTML5?


In this article we would like to inform you about HTML 5 so that you understand how it works, what the differences are between HTML 5 and older versions and how everything works together so that such conveniences are delivered to your via Internet.

Let’s get started.

What is HTML5? 

HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language, which is the base of almost every website in the cyberspace. HTML5 is in fact the next generation of HTML. It is further developed, so to say. The previous version, HTML4, was launched in 1997 and has been widely used since then. Now the time has come for a new improved HTML generation.

What’s New About HTML5?

Before we continue discussing the topic, we should point out that to date, not every browser fully supports HTML5. They support some codes and features only. But this should not be a concern. Below we will explain why.

The best thing about the new version is that it supports the controls of the previous one but in addition it has new input controls. With HTML5 now you don’t need to install a plugin to make your embedded video or song seen or heard. This makes HTML5 better than its predecessor and usable for iOS. If you are wondering why, let us tell you that with this new generation Flash is no longer necessary. iPad and iPhone simply don’t support Flash and this makes it difficult for developers to provide accessibility for their sites from such devices. As for Linux, it does support Flash but it has some problems with it.

HTML5 lets developers embed a video or song directly on the site without the use of Flash. This is done by using HTML tags <audio> and <video>. Yet, there are some debated issues considering the video and audio format. Mozilla suggests the use of Ogg format, which is open-source and free. Apple, however, vote for H.264 hat will require licensing fees in order for browsers to support it.

Why Switch To HTML5?

We already mentioned some of the benefits in the above section. Now, one of the other reasons why you should take a shift to HTML5 is SEO. Switching to a not so well supported HTML5 seems not a wise idea until you realize that you will get an SEO boost just because you use HTML5. 

In truth, there is no need for HTML5 support. What you need is support for different individual features that you are going to use in your site. This will make it easier for you to use HTML5, as the problem with support can be resolved.

HTML 5 is the new evolution and you will have to switch to it eventually. Why not do it now? There are several benefits that you can get from adopting HTML5. First off, your site will be user-friendlier. User experience and site’s usability will be improved. Using various new tags one can easily classify important content. Furthermore, HTML5 is better than Silverlight or Flash.

You don’t have to worry about the new HTML5, as it is an upgraded version of HTML4. As a developer you probably know how powerful and successful this format was. If your site works in HTML4, you have to be sure that it will work in HTML5 as well. No need to stress.

Do not assume that this is the end of Flash, however. There are many Flash-based games that cannot deal without it. Flash is still widely used and it needs to be supported and upgraded. And yet, HTML5 does not need Flash. We are talking about the future here and the future of the Internet.

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