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Website Longevity Through Web Design Features


Web design LongevityGetting a high rank in search engines is definitely hard to do, but it is not impossible, especially if you will focus greatly on how to beautify and improve the quality of your site. Aside from factors like web hosts, web security and content, another factor you have really work hard on is your web design. The simpler the web design is, the higher the chances you have of attracting the virtual market. Also, it is very essential that you think of how the audience will love your page and keep on coming back for more. There are so many tactics other sites do in the belief that these could attract traffic in their site, but in reality, these are all factors that greatly distract the audience. So if you want to avoid this, let’s get started with the things you need to avoid when coming up with a web design.

Befriend Search Engines

The good old days when you can easily fool the search engines through putting invisible texts in your page are long gone. No matter what you do, the king of search engines can never be fooled, and attempting to do so will cause irreversible damage to your website. If you want longevity, never even try because you will never succeed. Instead, focus on improving your site by working on your web design and your content. There is no other way to achieve online dominancy aside from this. Also, if you really want to reach the top, make sure that your marketing strategies can work magic by using social networking sites that can make your websites go viral. To do this however, you still need great content and a professional looking web design.

Redirect No More

If your habits include redirecting your viewers from your site to another site, then drop it. Online audience can be confused once they become redirected right away and this can absolutely cause reader irritability. Instead, if you really need them to visit a certain site, make sure that you have explained thoroughly why they need to do so and that all of your directions are crystal clear.

Pop the Magic Dragon

Pop-outs can really unleash the dragon inside your online viewers. Pop-outs that are commonly intended for advertisements and the likes should entirely be eradicated in your website as they are sure elements that can drive your online viewers away. Aside from the fact that it can distract your viewers, they are also very irritating aspects of websites nowadays. Give the pop-outs a rest and make sure that your viewers will not be disturbed during their whole viewing experience. Focus on content and the simplicity of your design and the online audience will definitely come back for more.

Even if you may want to attract the audience in one hit, this cannot be done if you will not concentrate on coming up with high quality content and a captivating web design. In addition to that, make sure that you page looks professional and that no one can ever say that it was made by an amateur.

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