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Things to Consider Before Building a Business Website

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Unless you’re a top notch web designer, creating a business website can be rather a daunting task. This becomes even more apparent if your business is going to rely on said website for the majority or even the entire number of sales. Making sure that everything is done right in order to create a website that’s fully optimised for search engines and ready to bring in more traffic and positive conversions can seem like an impossible task if you’re not an expert. Thankfully, there are a number of simple yet very important things that you should take into consideration as a priority. We’ve put together a list for you here.


It’s becoming a bit of a cliché, but it really is true that the content on your site must be informational, interesting, well-written and relevant. Search engine crawlers are programmed to filter out content that seems irrelevant and/or out of date, so although you may be filling the blog section of your website with a load of posts, it’s vital that you keep in mind when it comes to content, quality is better than quantity. It’s far better to have a handful of informational, evergreen posts which flow well than hundreds of irrelevant posts that nobody is likely to read.


When designing your business website, you should do so with your users in mind. Who is your target market? It’s a good idea to do some research on your target market to discover which web design features they connect with the most. You can do this through the use of online surveys, forums, or even a poll. By choosing a design that your target market themselves have said they prefer, your business will immediately have the edge over the competition by going the extra mile to meet customer needs. Ease of use and navigation should always be a priority when deciding on a design, as you’ll want your visitors to stay on your site as long as possible, and return. Since mobile browsing and shopping is steadily on the increase, it’s essential that your website is optimised for mobile use or has a fully responsive layout.


Last but not least, it’s important to consider the web hosting service that you are going to choose when setting up your business website. Platforms such as WordPress are a great place to start when first publishing your site, as the hosted and self-hosted versions allow your business the room to grow that it needs. Begin with the hosted version, where you will be provided with extensive support and tools in order to get your site off the ground. Once you’re more established, you can then move on to a self-hosted version using a best VPS web hosting solution. Remember, you should purchase your own domain name – this looks more professional, and your customers will take you seriously.

Creating a business website should always be done with the users in mind. What is it that the people who will be viewing your site want to see?

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