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5 Things to Remember When Designing your Website!

Things to Remember in Web Design

If website developers and designers have the tendency to pamper target groups with their needs and preferences every time, this habit will grow onto the users. Target audience will eventually get used to the habit of finding things quickly and not settle for anything less than perfect, this in turn would reduce their patience to check a website for a little longer than 5 to 8 seconds. The list of don’ts that you have to follow while designing a website is not just huge but annoyingly painful. To cut the long list short, this blog will help you to remember points that you ought to execute while crafting your business website. A lot needs to be taken care of to ensure that your website exactly reflects the image of your business. An image you want your target group of customers to see.

Things to Remember in Web DesignPointers to Remember when Drafting Your Website:

1. Website Design

If you thought splashing in bright hues could grab the attention of your target audience, then you are awfully wrong. Website design is not just about the use of bright colors, but it is more about the use of appropriate colors, something that will blend well with what your business talks about. The images, the font style, the layout of the page, everything should merge with the idea that you are trying to tell people.

2. Navigation of Your Website

The main purpose of Information Architecture (IA) and Usability Design (UX) is to ensure that the website interface is easy to use to bring in more web traffic. The easier the navigation, lower will be the bounce rate, because visitors will be at ease with handling the website. Complicated navigation confuses visitors and they leave, only to settle down for some other website that is pleasing for their eyes and hassle-free to use.

3. Content in the Website

If your website is all about selling products for the youth namely garments and other accessories, the tone of your content should be fun, peppy and flirty. A very formal structure of writing will bore your target audience and they would back off. Similarly, a business focusing on health-care products should have a serious approach in their writing style. The content of your website should be as per the preferences of your target group.

4. Website Speed

How much time do we give to a particular website to get loaded? The young bunch are the impatient lot and they don’t believe in giving much time to a website to get fully loaded. So the next time when you are designing a website, don’t forget to keep in mind that the less loading time it takes, the more visitors you get. Create an impression that you care about the time your customers are giving to your website. And keep the loading time under control.

5. Trends Your Website is Using

The youth today is technologically savvy and not just them, even the older generation is soon catching up. So the more trendy a website you create, the better will be your first impression among visitors. When talking about trends, the focus is mostly on having a responsive web design and opting for flat design trends. All these add-on features make your website look fancy, and helps in creating the right buzz.

Most companies think creating a website is the doorway to generate more leads and making it to the first page in SERPs. But what many fail to realize is the fact that no amount of back linking can make it to the desired spot in SERP if you don’t follow these points. These pointers play a key role in attracting web traffic, and that automatically elevates your place to the position you wish to rest in the SERP.

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