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Establishing Reliable Connection Methods with Clients

Video Conferencing ConnectionVideo Conferencing Connection

Globalisation has increased demand for fast, secure and reliable communication systems. The rise of digital media, social networks and web-based applications has made it easier than ever before to connect with clients on an international scale. Even freelancers can run worldwide businesses with nothing more than a laptop. This increased level of connectivity has opened new doors for millions of people across the globe, but the sheer demand of data is now becoming a concern.

While advancements in computing have made it possible to video call, instant message and make web-based phone calls from almost anywhere in the world, the technology is struggling to keep up. According to Twin Systems, the demand has become so great that, in 2013, the UK government deemed it necessary to invest £770 million towards upgrading the country’s broadband systems. This will enable over 95 percent of UK homes and businesses to use high-speed broadband. The investment is a clear testament to how much the economy needs quality Internet to function.

Video Conferencing

Almost every modern smartphone has a forward facing camera, equipped to deliver high definition video calls. Third party applications, such as Skype and Viber, offer basic free video conferencing services (providing you have an Internet connection) and are commonly used to operate entire businesses – web-based tutors, digital media creators, etc. While video conferencing isn’t always necessary, it’ll add another port to your communication arsenal and make your service more personal.

Voice Transmission

With all of the free applications available, paying for a voice termination service may seem like an unnecessary expense, but for security purposes alone it could be a viable investment. Convenience and network costs aside, there’s no substitute for a personal call. Companies such as IDT Carrier Services, provide VoIP connections aimed at businesses, allowing stable, secure communications from anywhere in the globe with just the click of a button. Security is a major concern for many clients, especially when they must reveal their personal and financial information. Having a private voice termination connection virtually eliminates this risk.

Social Networking

Almost everybody with an Internet connection is active on at least one social network (probably Facebook). While they can be extremely powerful marketing tools and provide methods of communication via inbuilt messenger services, they were never intended to be used as customer service tools for businesses. Due to the sheer number of users, there is certainly a place for social networks; however, you should not rely on them.

Instant Messaging

Instant messengers can be stand-alone applications, incorporated into social networks or hosted via a website. IM response services can be outsourced for very low costs, which enable you to keep your business operating 24 hours per day. Having an active online helpdesk will not only keep existing clients happy but could also help you turn casual leads into customers.


No business would be complete without a dedicated email account. Studies conducted by The Radicati Group state that over 100 billion emails are sent on a daily basis. Most of your clients will prefer to send an email than make a phone call; therefore, it should be one of your primary lines of communication.

A loss or intrusion of your communication systems could cause irreversible damage to your business. If your network goes down, your clients might not be forgiving, even if it was an external problem that was beyond your control. The world of business is reliant on technology; therefore, maintaining a stable connection should be a top priority. Having multiple lines of communication will help defend against any future threats.

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