How To Fix Commonly Experienced WordPress Errors

Commonly Experienced WordPress Errors

There is no doubt that WordPress is the world’s greatest CMS platform-we all love it. However, sometimes it can contaminate your blog or website if not handled correctly. There are few common WordPress errors that can make panic any beginner.

Nevertheless, the best part of WordPress is there is always a solution for your error. In this article, you’re going to learn quick solution for 3 most commonly experienced WordPress errors. So get ready for it.

1. WordPress White Screen of Death

WordPress White Screen of DeathIf you are a window user most probably you are aware of ‘Blue Screen of Death’. ‘White screen of death in WordPress is something similar to that.

It can be little difficult for beginners to properly diagnose this error as both PHP and database errors can responsible for it. Below, I am running you through some common fixes for this error.

Fixing the White Screen of Death

  • Deactivate All Plugins

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and deactivate all functional plugins. If you’re not able to access the backend of your dashboard, use file transfer protocol (FTP) to connect to your site. Next, rename the wp-content/plugins folder to -old. You can give it some other name as well. Now check if the error has resolved.

  • Change Active theme to Default Theme

Again you have to access your WordPress dashboard. Next, change your active theme to the default theme. If you’re not getting access to the backend of your dashboard you can connect it via FTP. Once you have access to dashboard rename the active theme’s folder, it will force WordPress to return to the default theme. Hopefully, the issue has resolved now.

  • Enhance WordPress Memory Limit

If above methods are not working for you then probably low memory is responsible for ‘White Screen of Death’. You can increase the memory limit of your WordPress site without any need for assistance. Just access to “wp-config.php” and add following code and then save the file.

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

It will increase the PHP memory limit for your website. If you are not allowed to make manual changes seek the help of your web hosting company.

  • Integrate Debug Feature

If the error is still there, try WP debug tool. You need to add the following code into “wp-config.php” file as you did in the previous method.

Here is the code

define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true );

Debug mode will give you comprehensive information about the actual cause of this error.

If all of the above-mentioned solutions are not working, check out some other easy ways to fix ‘WordPress White Screen of Death’ presented by 000webhost.com.

2. 500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error500 Internal Server Error is one of the most common errors in WordPress that almost every web owner experiences at least once in their life. There are plenty of causes that can be responsible for this error. Some of the common are given below.

  • Corrupted .htaccess file
  • Dead PHP memory.
  • Corrupted theme functionality.
  • Broken plugin functions.

Let’s have a look some quick solutions for this error.

  • Enhance WordPress Memory Limit

You can follow the same steps to enhance the memory limit of your WordPress as mentioned in the above step. You just have to add memory limit code in “wp-config.php” file.

  • Modify .htaccess file

As said above, this file can be one major cause for 500 Internal Server Error you should not forget to give it a check. Access your .htaccess file via file manager or FTP whatever you prefer. Next, rename your file with some other name. For instance, you can give it a name ‘.htaccess old’. Now reload your site and check if the problem still persists.

If the error has resolved, reset your .htaccess file and save changes.

  • Deactivate All Plugins-

It is one of the most simple ways to fix this issues, in case plugins are responsible for this error.

Deactivate all the plugins installed on your website. You can deactivate all plugins simultaneously by choosing ‘deactivate’ from the bulk action. Once all plugins are deactivated, refresh your site to check if the error is gone.

If yes, activate all plugins one by one and find which plugin was accountable for this error. Remove that plugin or re-install if it crucial for your website functionality.

  • Try Replacing wp-admin & wp-includes folders-

If the error still continues, you can try replacing wp-admin folder and wp-includes with fresh copies. These folders contain everything that needed to run a WP website. Save the file after uploading the new files.

Refresh your website. The problem should be resolved now.

If the error still continues, you can try replacing wp-admin folder and wp-includes with fresh copies. These folders contain everything that needed to run a WP website. Save the file after uploading the new files.

Refresh your website this problem should be resolved now.

3. Error Establishing Database Connection

Error Establishing Database ConnectionAs the name indicates, ‘Error Establishing Database Connection’ is the error of broken database connection. The error usually arises when for some reason your website is unable to connect to the database where all your content is stored.

Below are some possible reasons for this error:

  1. Error with wp-config.php file.
  2. The issue in your host server.
  3. Hacked website.
  • Resolve Error with wp-config.php

Now you know how to access the wp-config.php file. Open it and see if DB name, username, password are accurate. If you find any of them is inaccurate, correct it immediately. Save the file and try accessing your website.

  • Check Your Website for Hacks

Although WordPress is one of the most preferred CMS platforms in the world yet it is quite unsafe. You will be surprised to know WordPress platform is an easy platform for hackers to target if the web owner is not taking security seriously.

There are plenty of security tool for WordPress such as WordFence, iThemes Security, BulletProof Security.

Check if your site is compromised. If you find something suspicious then immediately change your login details. Keep backup of your website for better security.

  • Fix Your Server Issue

Most of the time, server issue cause ‘Error establishing database connection’. If above solutions didn’t work for you then talk to your hosting provider about the same.

A good hosting provider should provide you proper support for issues. If it is a server issue they can surely help you with the same.

These are some common and unexpected WP errors which you can encounter anytime. Hopefully, this article will help you to get rid of them.

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