Is Reseller Hosting The Right Choice for Your Business Model?

Reseller Hosting

Becoming a hosting reseller can change the face of your business forever, and you must consider what you will do with all the Internet property you own. Your business may have spent years collecting web addresses from a variety of sources, and becoming a reseller allows you a chance to profit from static property. This article explains what a hosting reseller does, how you must manage your new clients and which businesses will benefit from this method of doing business. Some companies are not cut out for this sort of work, but the companies that have the capacity for reselling will do quite well for themselves.

1. What Does A Reseller Do?

Your life as a reseller starts when you turn a static web address into a profitable business venture. You have no desire nor capacity to develop the address, and you sell the address to a third party as their host. Your business collects a fee for the domain name, and you will charge a monthly fee for hosting the site. Businesses are not required to do the hosting on their own, and you may farm this service out to another company.

The idea behind reselling is using everything you have to make money. Your business has assets all over the place that may be used to create profits, and web addresses are in high demand. Do not allow an address to sit idle when you can make money from the address every month.

2. The Reselling Process

You may use a third party company to host your new client. The business you partner with will handle all hosting duties, and management of the site will be taken out of your hands. You pay a small fee for this convenience, and all other profits from reselling come straight to your business. Clients are looking for new web addresses all the time, and your partner business will list the static URLs you own. Someone who purchases the URL must pay a fee, and you will begin making money from monthly hosting fees.

You must think of your URLs are real estate online. You may own an apartment complex, but you pay someone else to manage it for you. The profits from the real estate come to you every month, and you pay a small portion of those profits to the hosting firm for their help. The real estate you own becomes quite profitable, but you have very little to do with it. Your ownership stake in the URL makes money, but you are not involved in daily operation of the site.

3. Will Reselling Work For Your Business?

Your business accumulates URLs in a variety of ways, and you must look over your business model before selling the rights to another domain. You own the URL, but you are allowing someone else to use it. There are times when your business must use the URLs you have collected for new ventures, and there are other times when the URL is of no use to you.

Consult with your employees and staff on the uses for every URL you own. Some URLs may be worthless to you, and selling the hosting rights will help you make more money. There are many other URLs you can develop in the future, and you should not allow someone else to use the URL. Think carefully before reselling a URL you own, and never let a profitable venture get away from you during reselling.

4. How Much Will You Make?

Reselling just one of two URLs will not produce massive profits, but reselling on a large scale will make your business quite a bit of money. You must survey all the online real estate you own before making a decision, and you must learn how much you will make every month in the reselling process. The business you partner with can give you a good idea of how much you will make, and extra services sold to your clients will produce more profits for your business.

5. Can You Start Investing In Online Real Estate?

Your decision to go into reselling may turn you into an online real estate broker. There are thousands of web addresses available to the public, and you may purchase as many as you like at any time. Wait around for a profitable opportunity, and resell the real estate you own to someone who really wants it. Your business may develop a division dedicated to reselling, and you will create a new stream of revenue that supports your business. You are putting no work into the reselling process, but you are creating cash flow that may be used in other parts of your company.

6. Finding The Right Reselling Host

You must shop around for a reselling host that will serve your needs well. Your business cannot invest in servers and hosting materials, and you must choose a partner who charges fairly for their services. You will make more money from a company that helps keep costs low, and you will learn more about the reselling business from hosts who know the industry.

Reselling URLs your business owns can become a great part of your overall business plan, but you must consider how your business operates first. Businesses that are reselling URLs every day are not putting much effort into each site. The URLs are of no value to the business otherwise, and you cannot let go of URLs you can use in the future. Turn the URLs into cash while you still have the chance with a reseller hosting partner.

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