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IT Panorama is an amazing grunge Joomla template from IceTheme Club. IT Panorama Joomla Template has unique design style with 5 different color schemes and it will separate your website from the crowd. IT Panorama has an extreme graphic design, yet simple for the eyes, because of the grid based layout. It can be used for blogs and personal sites, but you can use it for any project as you customize it.

IT Panorama Joomla Movie Showcase Template
IT Panorama Joomla Movie Showcase Template

IT Panorama Joomla Template Features:

  • Extreme Grid Based Design
  • 3 column based layout
  • Dropdown Main Menu, Accordion Right Menu
  • Top Panel
  • 5 Template Styles
  • Font Switcher
  • Compressed CSS and JavaScript
  • 100% tabless design and CSS based
  • Joomla 1.5 compatible
  • IceCarousel, IceAccordion and the New IceSlider modules available
  • PSD, Fonts and Sample data available on the download section
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Internet Explorer 6 Fix
  • Clone Installer
  • Fast Templates
  • Template Styles
  • Rich Typography
  • Built-in Extensions

Get instant access to download or demo: IT Panorama Joomla Template.

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