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JS Marble Joomla template is the newest addition to JoomlaShack for the month of June 2011. Marble Joomla Template is featuring CSS3 styles with very nice degrading IE styles, the Fixed template should cover all of your bases. The Fixed template has four themes for you to choose from. Click on the thumbnails below to see them.

JS Marble Joomla Blogging Template
JS Marble Joomla Blogging Template

Marble Joomla Template Features:

  • Choose from left to right(ltr) and right to left (rtl)
  • 4 Color Starter Themes
  • Logo Source Artwork
  • Layered PNG Artwork
  • 32 Module Positions
  • Bloq Grid Layout
  • 1-3 Column Layouts
  • Collapsible Modules
  • Left or Right Sidebars
  • Unique Typography Styles
  • Heading & Body Font Switch
  • Progressive Enhancement Features

To download or demo click here: Marble Joomla Template.

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