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JS Pigment is released a brand new colorful Joomla 1.5 / 1.6 template today. JS Pigment Joomla Template is a digital painting masterpiece for your Joomla website. The Pigment Joomla template comes packed with 5 incredibly stunning themes, each with its own color scheme.

JS Pigment Joomla Painting Template
JS Pigment Joomla Painting Template

Each Pigment theme comes with an original digital painting crafted by the JoomlaShack artisans.

JS Pigment Joomla Template Features:

  • 5 Color Themes
  • 15 template parameters to help you further customize your Joomla website
  • 12 collapsible module positions
  • 10 matching module styles
  • Detailed Adobe Fireworks Layered Artwork
  • Logo Source Artwork
  • Easy Color Customization
  • 17 Module Positions
  • 960 Grid Layout
  • 1-3 Column Layouts
  • Collapsible Modules
  • Left and/or Right Sidebar
  • Unique Typography Styles
  • Modern CSS3 Techniques (graceful degradation

Get instant access to download or demo: JS Pigment Joomla Template.

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