Lead Generation Strategy: 7 Undeniable Advantages


The Lead Generation strategy is to engage prospects so that they engage more with your business. If we take the conversion funnel again, lead generation is at the top, between the acquisition of traffic and the conversion into customers.

72% of companies consider their lead generation strategy to help achieve their goals. Are you still wondering about the value of implementing such a strategy? We invite you to discover the 7 advantages of the Lead Generation strategy.

1. Get more qualified leads

96% of visitors to your website are not (yet) ready to buy. This is why the first advantage of the Lead Generation strategy is essential. This strategy allows you to focus only on your target customers.

To identify people who are genuinely interested in your product or service offer, you offer to download a Lead Magnet for free. It can be a white paper that generates leads. But there are many examples of very effective Lead Magnets. Thanks to this gift offered to your target customers, you will be able to make them aware of your expertise and make them want to know more about your company, perhaps even to contact you directly.

2. Control your marketing budget

The Lead Generation strategy allows you to control the budget allocated to your marketing. Indeed, unlike Google Ads campaigns, for example, this strategy is for the medium and long term. It is not necessary to constantly feed the budget. The investment is only made during the creation and implementation of your landing page forms.

Very often, it is enough to improve your landing page to multiply your results. Likewise, call-to-actions are very effective in showing your prospect the way to the next step. Your actions are therefore very targeted and are based on the use of a sustainable tool.

3. Convince your target of your expertise

The content offered for download on your website is premium content. It, therefore, meets a specific need of your target and brings it a lot of value. You are actually answering his questions.

The Lead Magnet allows you to deepen the relationship with your prospect. It is not a question of remaining on the surface as with traditional advertising. But to show him your expertise. You offer him a concrete overview of the solution you provide. He can then project himself more naturally into a commercial relationship with your company.

4. Convert your leads into customers more easily and more often

The main objective of an Inbound Marketing strategy like the Lead Generation strategy is to facilitate the conversion of prospects into customers. That’s why the content you offer is all specially designed to convert. They are perfectly suited to the needs of a specific target. They make sure to convince her that your solution is the one she needs.

Then you can supplement this strategy with a nurturing strategy *. Now that you have aroused the interest of the lead and that he is acquired, you will be able to offer him other types of content to feed him. Indeed, it is not enough to acquire leads. They have to be moved forward through the conversion funnel so that they take the act of buying and become customers.

However, to achieve this, you must provide answers to the new questions that your lead is asking. He has matured, and his questions will therefore be more precise and more technical. You will therefore continue to offer it content but at a more advanced level. This could be blog posts or a series of emails, for example.

It is by accompanying your lead during all his thinking before the purchase that you will manage to convert him easily and quickly into a loyal customer. This is especially true as the conversion rate varies depending on your industry.

5. Develop the notoriety of your company

By distributing high-value content such as white papers or mini-audits, you will also develop your notoriety. Leads who have downloaded these documents can share them with their partners. They will then discover your work. It is therefore important to properly stamp these documents with your logo. You could Include notoriety to the website by developing your website accordingly. Your content reflects your brand image. Providing quality content helps promote your business and its products. This is how you can establish your position as an expert and stand out from your competitors.

6. Facilitate the work of the sales force

Cold calls are tedious and often frowned upon by your potential customers. While it is much easier and more pleasant to contact them when they already know you and know what you can do for them.

For example, when businesses follow up with leads online within 5 minutes, those same leads are 9 times more likely to convert to customers. Your Lead Generation strategy allows your sales teams to become more efficient. Your salespeople only contact qualified leads. They already have a panel of information about them. They can therefore personalize their sales pitch and very easily convince their interlocutor to enter into a contract.

7. Collect precise data to continuously improve your marketing

The Lead Generation strategy also offers the advantage of collecting a lot of information about your leads. You can build a powerful database. It can include not only information about your leads like their contact details but also about their behavior.

Thus, you will be able to identify when you lose a lead or when it becomes a customer. You are then able to put in place the corrective actions necessary to keep your leads and accelerate their conversion. The information collected and analyzed allows you to enter into a process of continuous improvement of your marketing campaigns.

The advantages of the Lead Generation strategy are therefore numerous. It makes it possible to transform simple visitors into customers as well as to create a lasting relationship with them. Several tools are at your disposal to set up a Lead Generation strategy. Your choice depends mainly on your personas and their background.

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