MightyCommerce : An Important Component for Joomla Store Development


MightyCommerce is a vital eCommerce functionality that is loaded with all essential features and components required to build a complete Joomla ecommerce store. It has been developed to become an important support for Joomla Store Development. Available for just 79 Euro developing websites such as will be as simple as a click. Utilities and tools included in this extension is a complete package with too many possibilities to count on. MightyCommerce comes loaded with application fields that include contacts, video, audio, gallery, calendar, forms, support and various other sections. All these sections add unlimited accessibility and power to the consumer.

Key Features

  • Sale management
  • Native multi vendor
  • Each product can be of multiple types
  • Shop commission
  • Easy configuration
  • Sell content, digital, downloads, codes, as a single product
  • Product types as plug-ins
  • Global payment gateways used in selling products
  • Available in various types such as Tangible, Download, Karma, Subscriptions and Pin
  • Seller owned payment gateways used in selling products
  • Balance system

In order to create your own ecommerce identity there cannot be a better option than this one. MightyCommerce will allow you to sell subscriptions, codes, vouchers, ebooks and various other digital products. An existing online business can be effectively made successful with the help of this extension. If you are a small time business owner having an online B2C, personal e-shop, Malls, C2C, e-shop or a B2B you can enable this extension in organizing your existing business.


MightyCommerce takes care of functionalities such as shipping, orders, product types, sales, shopping cart. There are several other controls and functions that become an integral part of this Joomla store component.

MightyResources  is the product catalogue in this Joomla store component. Catalogue System is huge in this mighty sales component proudly forwarded by Joomla. There are numerous categories and segments included here at MightyCommerce which makes it possibly the most advanced product catalogue system presented by Joomla’s house of eCommerce solutions.

Some of the features of MightyResources are Advanced product search, Custom product fields like gallery, media, URL, video and pictures etc, Seller personal categories, Multi catalog (product and trade leads), Seller personal product home page, Rating / voting, comments and favourites and tags option.

MightyResources is a very powerful Content Construction Kit (CCK) that supports many other advanced  components and extensions in order to include integrations within itself.

MightyMembership – Subscription System

This is a tool that allows for a successful increase in B2B earning. Its powerful features include Allow profile access only on payment basis, Allow individual product fields submission only on payment basis, Allow product browse only on payment basis, Allow product or trade lead submission only on payment basis, Allow particular product fields view on payment basis, Allow particular product fields view on payment basis and Allow inquiry only on payment basis. All these features make for a fabulous subscription system. It works well with a wide range of other Joomla components.

MightyMessage – Inquiry System

This service allows customers to avail a service similar to personal message system. MightyCommerce gets a huge boost with this inquiry system which comes loaded with features like CC and BCC fields, Private Inbox layout, Alerts on messages received, Save conversation history, “Inquire Now” for product cart, Automatic address book, Compose, reply, forward, delete and move messages and Private Inbox layout.

MightyAnalytics – Reporting System

This is the last word for reporting system. Powered with beautiful features like Reports in flash dynamic charts and diagrams, Result as spreadsheet tables for download, 2 reports for MightyInvoice sales progress, 38 reports for products (sellers, products, field values and categories, etc…), 2 reports for MightyMembership sales progress and 2 Reports for user registration this utility provides Joomla ecommerce webskite managers to have an easily manageable reporting system.

MightyInvoice – Payment System

MightyInvoice - Payment SystemWhen installed, this component acts as one of the most comfortable payment options.  This payment system gives out fully tax return enabled invoices that include barcodes. Features for this component include Billing / invoice history, Orders purchased through global payment systems, Official tax return office ready, Customer chooses to pay tax or not, Orders purchased through seller personal parameters and Customer sets the tax amount.

MightyRegistration – Extended Registration Form

User registration is carried forward with the help of this  extension. There are a wide range of fields added in this such as Auto-login system, Simplify authorization process, Use registration field values as predefined values everywhere, Upload avatar / logo, Separate sellers and buyers and Extend user registration with additional fields. These options make for extended user activity.

MightyTouch – Profiling System

MightyTouch - Profiling SystemThis is a component that adds social fields which gives to the ecommerce field. Social networking Wesbites can be easily created with this component. There are several features included in this Community Social Network Service. Some of its features include Track sellers and buyers activity, Make friends, Seller personal profile, Avatar / logo, Show trade leads on profile, Link to profile on product page, Seller karma, Show registration / contact details on profile, Create groups (even sales groups) and Show products on profile.

Mightycommerce offers a rich and vast user experience. Whenever one thinks about developing a Joomla store this extension becomes an all important choice. All the components have a distinct set of values and operative ways. MightyCommerce is a viable ecommerce solution developed for the new age.

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