How to Recover your Lost Data on Computer?


Have you lost your favourite picture, an important document, or a memorable video?

Don’t worry!

Since today I am sharing a method to get that back.

Yes, you can actually recover all of your lost data including videos, pictures, documents or any other file which you regret losing. So now you don’t need to regret more and work on the process of getting it back.

Since this tutorial is specially designed and written for computer users so I will be sharing the process for them only. You guys will be learning to recover lost data on your computer using EaseUS data recovery software.

EaseUS Data Recovery software does help you to retrieve almost all kind of data which is lost. It is very handy software and you only need to get it and launch and it will scan your computer and get back you the data lost. No matter your data is lost from deleting, formatting, or corrupt of a disk or due to any technical problem, Ease US free data recovery wizard work for all situation on which I have talked in detail below.

Recover Lost Data on Computer

So now let me get practical with you guys and share an easy-to-follow guide which will ultimately help you to recover any of your data lost.

Here you go, friends!

Step 1:

First of all, get EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software on your computer. Don’t worry its Free for basic use. However, if you want to experience some premium features then go for paid versions available at different rates and features.

Step 2:

Ones it is downloaded, Install it on your computer by following simple on-screen instructions

Step 3:

After that, you need to launch it

Step 4:

Now you will have different options to try with. If you remember the disk where your lost file was located then select that disk and click on Scan button. But if you don’t know the disk locations then run full computer scan to completely scan your computer and get back all the lost data

Step 5:

Ones the scan is completed, you will have a complete list of files, images, docs, and all other data which you deleted. Now if you want to recover the complete data then click on Recover all, but make sure that your hard drive has enough space to hold all deleted files. However, if you want to retrieve any particular file then search that file from scan results and recover that only file by selecting it

Step 6:

It may take few minutes or seconds to recover the file completely, depending on the size of data

Step 7:

Ones did, you will have your deleted data back on your computer.


Now I am sure that you guys must have successfully retrieved your lost data back on your computer using this amazing recovery software. If you are getting any errors or getting confused while applying this tutorial then you are free to ask anything related to this using comments’ box. Any of our team members will get back to you.

Have you recovered your data? If you have then let others too by sharing this guide with people around you. You may never know that they might be searching for the same guide.

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