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How is SIP Trunk Inexpensive?


SIPWhat bird is SIP TRUNK?

SIP Trunk is an innovative invention in the IT sector which makes use of the VoIP services. It saves a lot of money in communication field and works via utilizing below mentioned methods:

Virtual Network:

It acts like a web based phone line which has now replaced the conventional telephone network. It makes use of SIP. It is a web based method to send, receive and cancel telephone calls. It is capable of making and transmitting voice calls with video and messaging feature.

What is its USP?

Among various lucrative features, it also provides a facility which is the major selling point of it all; the ease of control and access. Session Initiation Protocol can send and receive simultaneous calls over the Internet Protocol. It employs the use of seamlessly connected network via cloud based system.

Why to utilize SIP?

Scaling feature:

It doesn’t need any common hardware between the individuals availing the service. The calls are free between the users, the major selling point again. Session Initiation Protocol based calls and services are apt for voice and video calls as well as conferences and messaging facilities.


For any enterprise, it is the profits or savings that matter the most and this is exactly what the SIP provides to the firms. The firms do not have to hire any technical teams and staff, no equipment to be bought or any sophisticated machines, just a call to the service providers and they will facilitate the entire process.


SIP is very economical because its infrastructure is comparatively very cheap to the traditional telephonic systems. SIP trunk eradicates the need for any external interfacing systems. SIP trunks reduce the expenditure as it provides fewer rates for any long distance transmission.

SIP trunks also provide free calling at the internal level, especially for the firms and large enterprises where the official communications are one of the major expenses. SIP trunks make use of internet to supply cheap calls and video communications.


For any system’s smooth functioning, there are certain pre-requisites to keep in mind. Hence, this SIP trunking also has 3 major parts or components which make it possible to work with. The following is the list and a little brief about them:

Private Branch Exchange System

PBX is a conventional type electronic box which behaves as an interface for Session Initiation Protocol to function.


It is an acronym for Enterprise Border Element which provides connection between the Private Branch Exchange at LAN level and the internet telephone service provider network. It also behaves as a firewall with complete features of SIP as well as an outbound device inter-connected to a secure system so as to handle the web traffic.


Internet Telephone Service Provider provides connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network which facilitates the interaction with mobile as well as fixed landline phones.


SIP is a technology very much here to stay and prosper. It does bring down the telecommunication costs and makes the world a much smaller place, especially virtually.

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