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Instagram BETA is Made Available to Windows Phone 8


A new feature is being added to Windows Phone. Android and iOS range of stunning features will not be available for the users. The Instagram app has officially arrived for Window Phones. It has been a long time that users have been waiting for this moment. Facebook and Microsoft have ultimately announced its arrival. This app provides you the ability to take snaps from within this app either by using the rear or the front camera. With the introduction of this app, the wide gap in mobile OS from Microsoft is being filled up.

Recently, Stephen Elop, at an event featuring Nokia mobiles, declares that Instagram and Vine both will be launched for Nokia Lumia mobiles, which in a way means that this app is arriving on Windows Phone 8. The company owning Facebook claimed that they intended to offer Instagram application to the Windows phone users as soon as possible and so, they focused on making a stunning experience with the core features of Instagram. More functions are assured to come up in near future.

The Instagram application is welcomed with open arms by the Windows Phone users. Instagram is amongst the last “core” applications to arrive on the mobile platform of Microsoft. However, though this app is being unveiled for Windows Phone, some works are still going for Instagram. That is why this app is now regarded as Instagram BETA. This app is only made available to the Windows Phone 8 users implying that users of non-updated handsets are the unlucky few.

What will you get to enjoy with this app?

Windows Phone will now be able to utilize an updated version of Live Tiles giving you new information on the Start screen. There are also certain new gestures added together with the cleaner UI. Fast resume is also supported by this application. Once you start using the app, you will be overwhelmed to see that it is furnished with all the features you need to Instagram-of the snaps. Also, the feed of the users will remain as it is when they search for some other hashtags and users.

Quite interestingly, the traditional icon of Instagram has also changed in a way that suits the design language of Windows Phone 8. Thus, users will now have the opportunity to use some of the features of Android and iOS versions. Social networking, the greatest hype for mobile users, will now be enhanced with the addition of the new features.

What is deprived of the Windows Phone users?

What is missing on Instagram? Well, the app does not support video uploading or capturing. Nevertheless, you can watch 3 to 15 seconds video clips which will populate your feeds. Photo tagging too is not allowed in this app. Hence, from now on, people in the pictures will not be identified. Further, users will not be able to have a look to geotaxis.

Lastly, in the beta version of Instagram, you will not get support for in-app camera capturing. There is one roundabout way which will take you out of the app as soon as you click on camera icon. Once you capture an image, it can be uploaded to Instagram for sharing and editing.

Therefore, this new app is expected to give you greater fun and pleasure for Windows Phone 8. New additions and contents are really overwhelming!!!

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