Social Media App Development: Types, Steps, and More

Social Media Facts

It seems like digesting food is hard without spending time on social media each day. Every individual is fond of scrolling and exploring new content for information and entertainment, and the finger on the screen just doesn’t stop.

Undoubtedly, social media has changed the ways people interact and has brought even distanced relations closer. Not just building connections, but social media also delivers a strong platform and gives voice to anyone willing to engage.

Everyone’s well aware of how exceptionally good social media applications turn out to be and engage the audience like nothing else. So, are you willing to create a social media app and have a unique idea for the same?

But before that, you must have answers to questions, such as how will you compete with the existing well-established platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, etc? Well, at a place where individuals have diverse hobbies and interests, there’s always room for a new platform offering new opportunities.

So, let’s dive in to know more about social media app development!

About Social Network

Sure, everyone’s well familiar with social network platforms, but what exactly is the social network?

A social network is an online communication tool that lets users exchange content, like information, ideas, interests, and whatnot. Initially, social networking took place via computers, but now the majority of people have access to these platforms on their smartphones.

Types of Social Media Applications

If you’re looking forward to creating a social media platform, it is essential to have clarity about the type of application you want to create. As there are numerous categories of social media app, these are as mentioned below:

1. Relationship Networks

Building relationships online is a new trend. Therefore, you can build relationship networking apps, like Facebook for personal use or LinkedIn for professionals.

2. Consumer Review Networks

Consumer review network-based applications are the ones where individuals review the product utilized by them. Such apps help other people make a choice before investing in a product or service.

3. Media Sharing Networks

Media sharing network-based apps enable users to share media files, such as videos, photos, etc. The most popular examples of such applications are Instagram and Snapchat.

4. Blogging Networks

You must have read blogs on websites like WordPress. It is exactly what the blogging network is which enables users to share thoughts via blogging.

5. Discussion Networks

Discussion network-based apps are meant to exchange knowledge and important facts. Apart from discussions, Q&As happen through communities.

6. Bookmarking Networks

People save creative ideas regarding fashion, home décor, and much more. Where do they save such content? Yes, you’re thinking it right! Bookmarking network-based apps like Pinterest, let users save the content of their preference.

Steps to Follow for Social Media App Development

Now that you have clarity regarding the type of social media platform to develop, here are the five steps you need to follow for successful app development.

1. Describe Your Purpose and Identify the Target Audience

You must have an objective to achieve and a purpose behind the creation of a social media app.


Because only then will you be able to understand the audience you need to target, their requirements, strategies adopted by your competitors, and a few other factors.

Additionally, you’ll also get an understanding of the ideas that are lacking in the current market, so that you can come up with the same and engage more audience.

2. Regulate the Features and Functions

While you have the objectives in mind, determine the features and functions you want to offer to your target audience. Research what’s trending in the market and make an addition accordingly.

3. Design and Development

It is essential to have a rough model of the app design before moving directly to the development stage. Create a unique app design and once it gets approval from all the involved parties, start working on its development.

Make sure that you create a design as per the platform you’ve opted for the creation of your app, Android, iOS, or both.

4. Marketing

Marketing is a stage that must be integrated with the development process. In simple words, you must begin marketing your product while it’s in the development stage. Build strategies about how you will persuade the audience into downloading the app and using the same.

It’ll make your job a lot easier as once the app is created, you’ll only have to do promotional marketing.

5. Scrutinize

Finishing the development and marketing of an app doesn’t mean your job is over! There’s still some grinding to do! After the app is launched, check its success graph and areas of improvement. Use the analytical tools to recognize the setbacks and bring changes accordingly.

6. Cost of Social Media App development

There’s not just a single factor that enables you to estimate the cost of app development. There are numerous factors you’ll have to take into consideration before finally being able to estimate the cost. Some of these factors include features that you integrate into the app, project complexity, development time, developer’s cost, and much more.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, online communication has gained more emphasis than real-world connections. Be it personal or professional, each individual has their eyes glued to the screen while they connect with friends, colleagues, and family, and it’s justified because of the convenience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your idea analyzed and implemented by the professionals. Get in touch with a top app development company and wait for higher returns.

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