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Software To Screen Capture

5 Best Software to Capture your MAC Screen

Whoever you are, an employer who wants to monitor the activities of employees on a MAC laptop and PCs or parents who want to lemmatize the activities of kids and teens. Usually, employees watch music videos and play online games...

Keyboard Shortcuts

10 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Geek Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts can speed up your workflow a whole lot. Whether you're writing a document, editing a graphic file, or just browsing the web, these shortcuts will definitely make your life easier. Here are ten shortcuts that I use on...

Windows 8 Vs Mac

The Ultimate Windows 8 Vs Mac Battle: Which Is Better

It’s all the iPod’s fault. If the iPod hadn’t been so popular, Mac would never have persevered with their whole market reinvention thing and they wouldn’t have brought out the iPhone and the iPad, and touch screens wouldn’t have become...