The Ultimate Windows 8 Vs Mac Battle: Which Is Better

Windows 8 Vs Mac

Windows 8 Vs MacIt’s all the iPod’s fault. If the iPod hadn’t been so popular, Mac would never have persevered with their whole market reinvention thing and they wouldn’t have brought out the iPhone and the iPad, and touch screens wouldn’t have become look de jour for our gadgetry, and Windows wouldn’t have been peer pressured by falling demand into following suit and we would never have gotten ourselves into this horrible mess! Because, for the first time, Mac and Windows are putting forward a very similar product; and it’s a little bit scary.

Windows 8 is obviously designed to give the same fluidity and accessibility of user experience as Mac’s touch screen offerings, but how does it really stack up? Read on and see…

For a User-friendly System: Mac

Because Windows 8 is something new for the brand, it can be tricky to get your head around. Whereas, Mac OS X Mountain Lion – its latest operating system – is based on the same intuitive design that everyone with an Apple product has become familiar with.

For Being Creative: Mac

The ‘Photos’ program on Windows 8 is obviously running in direct competition with Mac’s iPhoto. Unfortunately, the editing capabilities on the Mac are far more advanced. Pair this with the bright retina display that Mac have become famous for and it is clear that if photography and design are your passions, you are still better off with a Mac.

For an App Happy Experience: Windows 8

This is a controversial choice. Obviously, Mac invented the app and has been the leader in producing devices apt to run them. But, the issue with Mac’s apps is that they can’t run on all of their devices, and they are usually touch screen reliant. Every Windows 8 App can run on Windows phones, tablets and computers, with alternate operational mechanisms for devices without touch screen technology. If you want to get the latest Apps on your old desktop, Windows is the right choice

For Sharing Content: Windows 8

You can share content on a Mac through operations provided by individual Apps, which is fine. But, Windows 8 has ‘Share’ as one of its five headings on the system’s main menu, which can be accessed at any time. This makes sharing content easier.

For Security: It’s a tie

As a general rule, Mac products are more secure than Windows products because, frankly, Mac has a smaller market share and hackers would much rather write viruses with the potential to have the greatest impact possible. However, Mac’s market share is growing, so this may no longer be the case. Its security was certainly compromised by the malware attack of 2013. Moreover, Windows 8 promises greater security than previous editions.

Time will tell which system will win the Mac v Windows 8 battle…

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