Is the iPad 4 a worthwhile upgrade?

Is the iPad 4 a worthwhile upgrade

Is the iPad 4 a worthwhile upgradeThe new release or update of any product is vulnerable to critical and extensive analysis and comparison. The success of a company like Apple causes the reviews to be even more precise and unforgiving than perhaps a less successful company. So, is the iPad 4 a worthwhile upgrade on the previous models? Of course, this depends on a number of factors, and the importance of these factors will vary on the individual and what they use their iPad for, but there are two important advantages in the iPad 4 that I should mention to begin with.

An Improved Higher Definition Display:

Apple claim that there is as much as four times more detail in this latest iPad. With the availability of attractive looking apps being made available this is an attractive prospect. Users of the iPad might start using the device to capture more images and videos now the display has improved. This is good news for people who like to use their iPad to watch films or television shows on long train journeys.

A Faster Processor:

The quad core graphics processor allows users to play games of which the experience of playing them rivals the PlayStation or Xbox. Anyone with any experience of a computer will be aware of the importance of speed. The iPad 4 is the fastest device Apple has created.

These, I feel, are the two biggest advantages of the fourth generation iPad. Other advantages, if one needs more convincing, are these:

  • The camera is far better than any previous iPad. As customers expect their devices to be multifaceted, this is an important feature.
  • The Wi-Fi system has been improved. Little needs to be said of the importance of connecting to the Internet. Apple has ensured that the iPad 4 is on top of its game in this regard. The 4G LTE support has also been extended, and this is for international users.
  • Previous models of the iPad have had around 64 GB of storage, which was considered adequate, but the fourth generation has a storage capacity of 128 GB, which, for those who might struggle with math, is double the capacity. This is a major advantage. As more people want more and more apps on their iPad, more television shows and films, more music and pictures, then this is something that will appeal to many people. Customers and fans of shows like to mass purchase television shows. The fourth series of Arrested Development recently came out in its entirety. Fans of the show will want space on their iPod to download shows such as these.

It is difficult to argue that the latest version of the iPad isn’t a significant improvement on the last models. The decision to purchase it will be based on the decision whether the advantages of these features are going to be worth the extra expense of upgrading. Based on the rounded and full improvement of the features though, it is clear that they will satisfy all types of people: those interested in games, films, television shows, taking pictures, making videos, and going online. This includes everyone, doesn’t it?

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