7 Best Twitter Apps for Android Users


Twitter has long established itself as one of the most important social networking sites in the world, but it can be said that the true potential of this service began to show only with the advent of the smartphone technology. Using handy mobile apps, people are able to comfortably tweet from the street, when they are in a restaurant or watching a football game on the stadium. If you are one of the people who like tweeting on the move, you should take a look at the list we compiled here, which contains useful apps that will help you make your mobile Twitter experience even more comfortable.


HootSuite Twitter App for Android

Hootsuite does not need to be specially introduced. It is a famous app for managing your social networking accounts which, among other social networks, supports Twitter. It allows you to schedule posts, see your stats, post your photos and generally do pretty much everything you would do on Twitter’s website.


Echofon PRO Twitter for Android

A Twitter client still in its beta version, Echofon offers a widget for your home screen and an option to control more than one account. It synchronizes with all the devices you own which have the app installed, which means your feeds will always be fresh. The app does use in-app advertising, but if you purchase the pro version, you can get rid of the ads.


Janetter Pro Twitter App for Android

This interesting app supports multiple accounts (3 in the free version, up to 7 in the premium version) and features shortcuts which you reach by long-pressing the screen. You can synchronize the lists and keywords you are creating and create bookmarks.

Chant for Twitter

Chant Twitter App for Android

Still in beta, but already promising a lot, Chant for Twitter is an app which aims to create a simplified approach to Twitter on an Android smartphone. The negative side of the app is that it features advertisements, although the developers claim that users will not be annoyed, due to a “clever placement approach”.


Boid Twitter App for Android

Once maintained by Team Boid and now an open source project with a community of coders and designers maintaining it, Boid is a Twitter app which works on Android devices from version 4.0 and is supposed to lure you in with its uniqueness and elegant solutions to some standard Twitter issues.

Carbon for Twitter

Carbon Twitter App for Android

Meant to cater to people who put elegance above everything on their smartphones, Carbon for Twitter is a client which puts all the info on one screen, and never lets you miss another mention. Carbon has a number of features which differentiate it from the rest of the competition, such as threaded direct messages, quick timeline on home screen, HD styles for Twitter user profiles, etc.


Seesmic Twitter App for Android

One of the pioneers on the Android app market when it comes to social networking, Seesmic manages to stay on top, both by popularity and by the richness of the features it offers. Specialized for Twitter (and Facebook), this app offers a wide range of helpful things such as the support for multiple accounts, cross-posting to all the accounts you have registered, photo previews and easy sharing, two ways to retweet (including the old one which some Twitter fans never got over. Seesmic has a free and a premium version, which is ad free.

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