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Cloud-Based VoIP

What Connectivity Improvements Will Cloud-Based VoIP Bring?

Many businesses are now used to taking advantage of the benefits VoIP services offer at their own premises. The advent of cloud-based VoIP will bring further rewards, but there are issues which might mean you will need to weigh up...

Tech News

Mobility Options for Your VoIP Business Phone System

Many businesses today have switched from their traditional analog or TDM PBX phone systems to a VoIP system. There are many advantages to making the switch: better scalability, increased quality, and, in the long run, can decrease your overall telecommunication...


8 VoIP Gadgets for VVIP People

VoIP gadgets have become an important feature of modern world today. People from well to do families are purchasing these luxurious items for their home and office use. A very large number of products which were released in 2012, but...