8 VoIP Gadgets for VVIP People


VoIP gadgets have become an important feature of modern world today. People from well to do families are purchasing these luxurious items for their home and office use. A very large number of products which were released in 2012, but among them, only some have become famous and let us see the important features of top eight such gadgets now.

1) Logitech BCC950 Video Conference Camera:

Logitech BCC950 Video Conference CameraThis camera has a speakerphone, which is provided with full duplex feature and high definition web camera. Along with that, it has a microphone which is used for cancelling noise. All these features make it a perfect desktop unit. It can be used for making video conferences. Because of this feature, meetings in offices and other corporate areas can be held anywhere and web cameras can be used for teleconferencing.

2) Plantronics Blackwire C320 USB Headset:

Plantronics Blackwire C320 USB HeadsetHeadsets are the most important features of laptops and Walkman’s these days. Without a good quality headphone, a laptop would be absolutely useless. It has a highly durable and powerful frame and hence can be used for many years. It is quite lighter and at the same time quite stronger.

3) Ooma HD2 Handset VoIP Phone:

Ooma HD2 Handset VoIP PhoneNewer and newer phones are being discovered every day, each one having some additional features and improvements over the previous ones. It combines features of both a Smartphone as well as a home phone. Along with voice and text messaging facilities, it has many other features like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo, Outlook and many other features. A high speed internet service enables all these features.

4) ZYCOO zx20-A2 Mini Asterisk IP PBX:

ZYCOO zx20-A2 Mini Asterisk IP PBXThis device provides you along with traditional and old features, new features also. New features include Music on hold, Auto Attendant and Visual Voicemail etc are some of the advanced features present in it. It uses traditional landline service for making local calls, but uses its advanced features for playing music etc.

5) OBi100 VoIP Telephone Adapter and Voice Service Bridge:

OBi100 VoIP Telephone Adapter and Voice Service BridgeThis adapter is a special tool, which helps you to use its existing phone and router that you use for your broadband connection etc. you can use either your home phone or a high speed Internet connection to achieve this. It provides many services like Google voice to its users.

6) Universal 48V Wall Plug POE Injector:

Universal 48V Wall Plug POE InjectorThis device is a very low cost device. It supports a wide range of other devices and thus regarded as one of the best injector device ever developed for computers. It accepts AC voltage and converts it into DC voltage with the help of its POE system.

7) Ooma Linx VoIP Phone and Device:

Ooma Linx VoIP Phone and DeviceThis is a device, which is used to connect devices wirelessly. It connects many devices like phones, fax machines and other technological devices without wires. Bluetooth or Infrared technology is used in these devices. As it is smaller in size, it is quite portable and can be carried anywhere at will.

8) Snom ONE Mini IP PBX:

Snom ONE Mini IP PBXIt is a very small gadget, but despite being so small, it has a fully-fledged features and functions to perform. This has been powered by POE technology and it has the capacity to handle more than 20 different extensions at a time.

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