Top 4 Paid Android VPN Services


In this ever-growing community that uses android phones for various things, it has become a common need for people to use a VPN service for privacy and protection concerns. There is no doubt that a common internet user is not safe from being monitored and this activity report is sellout to many other covert/overt agencies by all the common and big names that we uses for various things like social networking sites, email services and search engines etc.

But the problem is that when we use a free VPN service then we may not explore the complete service of that particular VPN service on our android phone so it is recommended for all android users to use a paid/premium service in order to get protection on ultimate level.

Below are few names for your consideration so that you can choose the best according to your needs.

1. HideMyAss

This VPN service provides an ultimate range of services with lots of benefits to a paid user. You can enjoy its services by paying only about $11.52/Mo or you may select between biyearly or yearly package that comes with discount. This VPN service has its servers in more than 75+ countries around the globe and allows you to get yourself protected behind 77000+ IP addresses. The good thing about this VPN service is that loading speed does not decrease even after being used by huge number of users simultaneously.

2. OverPlay

This VPN service is a great choice for using a VPN even in public places like coffee shops etc. It offers a quality service and does not let the loading speed decrease while you surf it anywhere on any device. If you are the guy who tends to use a Smartphone mostly, that is supported by Android, then you would really enjoy the experience while using OverPlay on your Smartphone. Price starts only from $4.95/Mo and you can find more on their official website.

3. ExpressVPN

This VPN service is another very smart choice for using on an android device in public places or anywhere else. You can be connected with their servers with just a simple click on your device and enjoy surfing internet worry free. Their price starts from $12.95/Mo but you can also choose yearly or biyearly package that would cost you less amount if you pay upfront. They are having their sophisticated servers in 27+ countries around the globe that let you hide your real location and surf safe from any corner of the world. This VPN service offers an unlimited band width with high speed guarantee to let the user surf internet in usual way.

4. CyberGhost VPN

This is a very useful service especially when you are roaming into different sections of the world and want to be connected with your cyber world from there without being tracked or monitored. They have very sophisticated servers into 20+ countries to let you hide your real location and surf in a safe mode. Their prices start from $6.39/MO and they gives you up to 5 times more speed as compared to their free service once you go premium.

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