Top 5 Features To Look For In Order Management Software

Order Management Software

Order Management SoftwareIn the past, being able to collect sales orders and payments on the road while simultaneously sending the order details to the main office and have the items ready for dispatch may seem like a far-fetched idea for wholesalers and field sales staff. Selling and processing orders in the field has always been a painstaking and time-consuming task, with sales representatives having to take orders by hand and contacting the main office to check stock levels and customer’s credit history.

But with the emergence of innovative order management software today, businesses no longer need to rely on manual solutions to support field sales staff. All tasks – from order entry to product shipping – can easily be completed with just a few clicks. But how do you choose the right order management software for your business?

To guide you, here are top five features to look for in your order management software:

1. iPad and Mobile Device Compatibility

iPad and mobile device compatibility is the primary feature you must consider when shopping for order management software. It is a fact that the number of mobile users is increasing today and in order to get ahead in your business, you must also adapt to the changing customer culture. Mobile compatibility would mean maximised productivity for your sales reps and delivery team as they can instantly access new tasks whenever and wherever they need to with the use of their smart phones or tablets. Mobile applications, like JobSync, can be accessed as a sales app in iPhones, iPads and other Windows devices. It makes billing and payments quick and accurate since information can be displayed real time.

2. Product Catalogue

Gone are the days where sales representatives had to lug around briefcases filled with different product catalogues when they go on site. Today, removing paperwork and going digital has become the norm instead of the exception. Thus, pick an order management software that would enable you to display a comprehensive product catalogue, complete with product descriptions, attributes, and pricing, which your sales reps can bring and show to clients.

3. Digital Inventory

Having an integrated order management software and inventory management software is also preferable since it would make it easier for field sales staff to determine which products are in stock and which aren’t to meet customer demands.  Keeping your inventory in sync will also help you avoid overstocking or product outages.

4. Integration To Accounting Systems

Order management software that has the ability to seamlessly integrate with one’s existing accounting systems offers plenty of benefits to companies. For one, it eliminates the need for staff back at the office to input data into their system, saving you time and minimising the risk of error. This also allows you to report service activities quickly, ensuring faster order processing. And fast and correct order processing would also mean quick product despatch; thus, keeping customers satisfied.

5. Premium Security Standards

When going digital, security is always an issue that you should never disregard. Before settling for an order management software, make sure you understand its security features. Are your files properly backed up and protected? Does your software provider guarantee 24/7 uptime?

Order management software is supposed to make you and your staff’s jobs easier. Thus, before you choose one, make sure your order management software is packed with these top 5 features, and more, to get your business up and running.

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